I blinked and another week’s gone… but already things feel much different… perhaps much heavier…

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This week was split between days of merriment, and ones of work, but all good work (including day job work) that leads to more good Blackspire material (which I then get to work on)…

And first… though it wasn’t quite on deadline, the next Adventure Hook episode came out on Patreon this week… and this one felt like a “classic us” show. Still, perhaps I need to take a new perspective concerning each of us fulfilling our respective duties to the show, and how each of our talents might be better served with greater focus in certain areas…

I know that sounds vague… but I sense the opportunity for a new advantage here. We’ll see.

I also managed to mock up the promo art for the next two Adventure Hook episodes we recorded. Maybe not my finest Photoshop work… but hopefully serviceable enough to get folks interested one way or another…

Episode 33’s story hook was actually one of mine:

A visitor claiming to be a historian from the future is here to observe the great heroes that helped shape his civilization. Details surrounding the PCs’ demise are the parts he’s hoping to gain historical clarification on.

However… we ended up taking the whole idea in a very “1980’s Kids on Bikes” direction… with some Lovecraftian elements (the Hound of Tindalos for instance) thrown in for good measure. Fun stuff.

And Episode 34 was another good one, and another half decent Photoshop approach as well. While I had considered using more of the cards from the Deck of Many things we mentioned in the episode, the 5E DMG only had art for the Knight and the Balance,

And while I do have some old skool 2E art that has the other cards I’d have used (namely the Flames and the Throne)…

I thought sticking with the 5E art might have better results given the current RPGers are more likely to be familiar with them, even if those two cards I’d hoped to use don’t actually appear in the DMG…

This week’s latest Blackspire teaser features excerpts from the brainstorming session where we actually explore the background of the new player character Akihoshi with newest player Jen.

This week also marked the release of the first episode on Patreon where we hear that same background session (titled Akihoshi’s upbringing) in full. I really think we hit the ground running with these, and definitely enjoyed a lot of the world-building/character building exercises with Jen… particularly fleshing out the 12 kitsune clans of the Blackspire world for her to pick from, as well as (finally) working out more details surrounding the 8 cherry blossom trees) the Sakura Druids are the caretakers of.

More of this in the weeks to come!

Unforeseen circumstances caused us to need to reschedule the Blackspire side session I’d planned to run to resolve the current St. Jezebel story line. We plan to meet again, but we can’t until next month… which also means (to keep things fair) I need to postpone any further sessions with the core White Hydra players. However, I do still have the Solina and Jolly Paul side sessions yet to do that I might try to run soon to fill in the next installment of their collective “non-BISHAMONTEN” adventures for Patreon.

I also ran the latest of the side sessions with Jenny (further exploring more of her character’s secret life) and I think it may be one of our best recordings yet. We explore a whole bunch of things that will only be available to higher level Patreon supporters to experience… as well as discussing that two-tiered approach to storytelling on mic in a way that I hope I’ll eventually be able to create a juicy little teaser from.

We both had a lot of fun, and it should set the stage for some of the opening scenes of the first Season 2 session we’ll actually be sitting down as a full group to play.

Everyone seems pretty excited… I know I am…

But Jenny and I also met up with my sister, brother-in-law, and our cute little nephew, as they’d all made the trip up from DC to spend most of a Saturday at the Maryland State Fair with us.

Cotton candy and carousels… what’s not to love?

Another fun day. Another fun week.

And now that it’s September, here’s to yet another fun month…

Oh… did I mention next week is Jenny’s birthday and so me (and lots of her friends) are planning to spoil her rotten all day at Renn Faire

Well, I have now at least…


Friday 9/6/19-

Sun: Virgo–

Moon: Sagittarius (50% Waxing)

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For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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