Tonight I met Stephanie, the new Body Master of William Blake Lodge in Hampden for dinner and to discuss the future of the Lodge.

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First, we met up at Crystals, Candles, and Cauldrons, and I introduced her to Shelley, who owns and runs the store. She’s shown great support for WBL, and I thought it behooved everyone to get them introduced.


I figured they’d hit it off and they did. We talked to Shelley a bit more about what classes we’d be able to do in her store, and I owe her an email to get the ball rolling on that. I grabbed some sapphire chips that I want to include in the orgonite of my Water Cup lid, and a piece of rainbow hematite for my wife, since she’s been having a really rough time lately.

And since she’d never been, once again I ate at Golden West Cafe, which is always a treat. This time I got the Elvis Pancakes, which are really delicious. I can’t really go into details of what we actually discussed, but I think she and I are both on the same page as far as my duties to the Lodge are concerned, and we both generally want the same things for our Fraternity’s future.

She’s also decided that she wants WBL to march in the Baltimore Pride Parade on July 23rd, and she’s asked me to design a t-shirt that the members marching could all wear. I’ve already got some ideas. She’s also asked me to design a special symbol just for the Lodge, and that I am going to want to think long and hard about first.

Thursday 5/5/16-

Sun: Taurus-

Moon: Taurus-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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