So, for the past few days, my wife Jenny has really caught the writing bug, and for the first time (since before I met her) she’s writing poetry again.

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I’ve tried to encourage her many times before now to write again, but then I can hardly be surprised to see sudden, intense, positive changes in the lives of those entangled with the ritual… especially if it’s the stuff they’ve needed… I’m mostly just happy to see it.

She’s been hard at work for days, alternating scribbling away in her notebook and working on one of her latest commissions from her Etsy site. I completely know what it’s like for Scorpio to sting you right in the ass and ride that creative wave… you want to ride it for as long as it lasts, until finally you’re left up on the beach, confusedly blinking in the sun… so I left her alone to do her work.

I’d gotten a good night’s sleep, which may really have been all I needed to catch my momentum again, but I spent most of the morning writing up my two reviews of my Man of Earth Delegate interviews. I’d finally figured out the points I could compare the two on. Each showed an aptitude for both Efficiency and Promulgation, but felt that each candidate was stronger than the other in one of those areas. I also gave my insights as to how I thought they also might perform alongside the current candidates we elected last cycle, but while I do have a personal preference of the two, as I’d be satisfied with either choice, I’m fine regardless of how the final voting turns out.

But, since it was Saturday, I figured it was time to really show some discipline, and try to tackle all the unpleasant chores on my various “to-do” lists, especially the ones I’d skipped last week because I was “on vacation”. I don’t need to belabor the various boring crap I took care of over the course of most of the day today (as Sterling Archer/Bob Belcher would say, it was “time to break out the purple stuff“) but one of those things was finally sorting through, cleaning up, and “re-stocking” all the various accoutrements we used in the ritual last Saturday.

As I was putting away the altar supplies, it struck me as odd that even though we lit the four elemental altar candles at virtually the same time at the start of the ritual, they’d clearly all burned down at different rates.

Now, I’m certain that this is just a feature of the particular wax/coloring agents of these different candles. I’d pulled them all from the same shelf at Crystals, Candles and Cauldrons, but who can say what mundane factors were at work? Plenty, I’m sure.

Still, I couldn’t help thinking about Saturday’s ritual, and if somehow the candle heights were some indicator of the different elements energies at work that night… be they energies raised, utilized, or perhaps even compensated for. It’s probably totally crazy, but I felt the need to “balance the scales” so the speak, and even out the offerings, which while they were just one of many we made, all of them were supposed to be made in equal amounts to each of the four elemental kingdoms…

Also, as a Libra, I’ve got this thing about symmetry, particularly if I ever want to use these candles again in a ritual setting. Honestly, maybe it’s just because at heart I’m still the weird goth kid I was in high school, but I really love when wax candles get all “drippy” and pool in interesting shapes like this, so yeah… I want to use these candles again.


Anyway… so after I’d scratched off all the most unpleasant tasks on my list, and Jenny had headed to bed, I went ahead and lit the taller candles and just zoned out watching them burn down with all my gratitude going into the flames. I tried treating it like the settling up a huge bill with an establishment’s management after a raucous party the night before got a little out of hand. The energies raised Saturday hit a lot of people like an appropriate metaphor, and I wanted to “balance the ledger” on any unforeseen, but “outstanding debts” we were karmically responsible for. Hopefully it was received that way… and not more akin to a tip so small, it’s more insulting to them than if you’d given them nothing…

Stay all if ye will, go now if ye must, for between us ever is perfect love and trust.


But anyway… you know… at least now my candles are even.

I took a bunch of pictures of these four candles in different combinations of lit and extinguished. I have no idea why… I guess I thought I’d be able to use them for something… but no reason to post them here.

And for the first time since the ritual a week ago, Frater Enlil Ka Akh called me to chat for a bit… (while I was waiting for the green candle to burn down actually). Enlil actually called to get the advice of a magickal colleague, which I found very flattering. A lot has happened to him in a short amount of time, but the crux of these issues were that he was suddenly dealing with a bunch of intense and upsetting personal stuff, all while receiving too much of all the good stuff he wanted on top of it, and (mostly unfamiliar with this level of attention) was having boundary issues that he wasn’t speaking up about. I don’t blame him, as it seems that since the ritual Saturday, nearly every 45 minutes he’s getting approached by someone by phone, text, or email for his advice or assistance. I reminded him of the whole (cliche) “everything is an opportunity” and “careful what you wish for” song and dance, and I also pointed out a way he could also still help out one of these friends of his he was concerned about helping… just not in the (uncomfortable) way he was being asked to.

He knew all this stuff, of course, I think he just needed to hear me articulate it back to him, so yeah, rough roads ahead, but he’s got the momentum of the Universe at his back, and if anyone will be successful in his Great Work, my money’s on him.

I just want everyone to be happy, satisfied, and successful, and I am really glad to see that the Universe seems to be giving my friends everything they need (and a lot more of what they ask for). I believe everyone following their True Will is the key to that sort of thing being possible for everyone. That naturally sounds overly simple, until you realize it’s never actually been tried before. Good luck for most people to find even two others on the same path, and hooked into the same current, as them.

By comparison, Jenny’s circle of eight magicians would be potentially quite potent, I suspect. According to Modern Magic‘s claims, that group could raise the same amount of magickal energy as 128 single practitioners of the same caliber.


Here now set is the formula of miracles.


Saturday 6/25/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Pisces-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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