While I feel like maybe I don’t have a ton to share, I do feel like I got a ton done this week… and all with positive results.

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For one, Aaron and I knocked out another recording of Adventure Hook, this one will be Episode 26: Burn Down City Hall. I think it was a slightly stronger show than last time (and it definitely ran a bit long) but I think I’ll have more than one memorable bit from it, and hopefully some more useful advice Game Masters can come away with.

Specifically this time we discussed “Avoiding Lazy Storytelling” and how you owe it to your players/audience to experience your characters at their best…

Additionally I also knocked out a pretty quick promo for the episode which while nice and simple I think does the trick. At least to get you curious…

But the lion’s share of my work this week was in editing the episodes of
the epic Planescape adventure I ran for the Red Moon Roleplaying guys together. Synchronicity seems to be in full force, as I continually find ways to make the various Cryo Chamber tracks I have sync up with the various low-key moments of the episodes, and the soundtrack of the Planescape: Torment video game to highlight either the more exciting/tonally appropriate scenes or the actual bits of flavor text I read from the original To Baator and Back AD&D module.

I’m not sure what level of mega-nerd you’d need to be to appreciate how awesome it’s proving to be to have all this stuff line up in the way it’s working, but even if you won’t “get it” on my super-geeky level, I still think it’ll prove an entertaining piece or actual-play RPG drama (especially when you consider how the backstory I wrote for everyone prior to play ends up being character studies to intro each episode). And now with Red Moon Roleplaying again being nominated for a Fenix Award, once I have the edits done and in their hands, they should hopefully go live on their channels in due course, and soon more interested people will find my shows…

I’ve managed to get episodes 1-4 (of 7) to around 95% completion, and have even begun the tedious edits on episode 5. I hope to have them all wrapped up to 100% completion in the next or two, which should work out as it’s Aaron’s turn to edit the latest episode of Adventure Hook, and we’re not scheduled to record again until the first week of June (though we do plan to double up and record an episode twice that week).

I was also able to take the time this week to think out my latest Blackspire scenario a bit more, and then ran it for the BRUW Crew. The episode is perfect for a Patreon-only series, as there is a lot of old skool gaming slog trying to actually get the adventure off the ground and moving…

However, once we got going thing got pretty exciting, and even though we cut at a big cliffhanger before any real action kicked off, Jenny said she though it was pretty riveting to listen to (which should hopefully translate to good podcast material) and one of my players even said “if this story were on TV I would watch it” which is of course high praise, and what we look for in a good game. Another player was getting nervous shakes over the pure tension of the scenes…

Yeah, that’s a good hallmark to look for in a player too…

We’re due to play again the second Saturday in June and thing should go completely mental then. And in the meantime Jenny and I can discuss her new Season Two character a bit more, and maybe even record the first of her development sessions.

But on an even more encouraging note, I was also running around all day early in the week to get our cat General to the eye vet. He’s had cloudiness in his eyes we had looked at and learned he had severe glaucoma. However, thanks to the series of eye drops the vet prescribed him, he showed incredibly marked improvement this week (so much so, she doesn’t want to see him again for two months).

Sure, maybe I lit a brown candle to his recovery, but I think we mostly have the know-how of the great vet services of CVRC in Columbia.

General (the badass)

Jenny’s also had a good bit of (probably a bit overdue) news from work this week, but happy news nonetheless, and things continue to move forward in a positive manner.

Still, there’s plenty more growth I’d like to see for my own situation… but the material aside, there are other victories to celebrate as well…


Saturday 5/11/19-

Sun: Taurus–

Moon: Leo (50% Waxing)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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