I’ll be honest, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this week, other than I feel like I got quite a bit accomplished, and am happy with what I was able to complete…

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I really dove back into editing more episodes of the Blackspire Podcast and I managed to catch up on all the recordings of the main storyline of PCs, bringing that to a total of five episodes so far. Additionally I also finished edit the first part of the Side Session episode I recorded with Blackspire player Garrett. I still have the second part of that recording session to finish editing, and then I plan to drop those two episodes into the podcast season between the current third and fourth episode of the main storyline.

I’ve got a lot to build on from here, and after listening to a number of other actual-play podcasts of late (especially Godsfall and HowWeRoll) I fell much more confident about allowing the games and stories to wander all over the Blackspire World… so long as they can  still resonate.

And seven weeks later, it still gives me a pleasant feeling to see my work used on the How We Roll site. I definitely dig what they’ve doing, and would even love to perhaps one day collaborate with them in a Blackspire session, but that’s pretty ambitious forward thinking at this point, and I need to learn to crawl before I start running.

However, while listening to these great shows (and soaking up the inspiration they provide) I’ve also been tackling more miniatures I plan  to use for the next big recording session of the Blackspire game. I’ve been brewing up plans for a scenario that should prove to be decidedly complex, intricate, and volatile. My PCs have been gunning for a fight, and so I plan to have them end up in a place where a fight is likely inevitable… and it will be up to them to try to diffuse it… or pick a side….

But like I said, it’s complex… a lot of moving parts… so I’m going to need a lot of miniatures. Here are the ones I’ve been working on so far…

Ghouls, orcs, goblins, gnolls, hobgoblins, bugbears, ogres… and an oni or two. Good thing they’ve not all on the same side…

Bugbears are “traditionally” blue, hobgoblins are “traditionally” yellow, and orcs and goblins, while traditionally green, can vary from a pale chartreuse to a dark viridian… and all the variations in between….


I hope I’ll have enough figures…

Garrett also came over for dinner with us this week, and he Jenny and I tried out his copy of the Sin City board game that he’s recently picked up at a flea market. While the rules weren’t perhaps the clearest, once the three of us got the hang of the actual gameplay, it turned out to be pretty fun.

However… I definitely recommend shuffling the deck of Goal cards really, really well. The game can wind up being over pretty quickly if more than one player is trying to win the game the same way.

I’m sure once you’ve played it through a few times, the more intricate approaches to strategy within the game reveal themselves, but for a one-off night of gaming, it’s definitely fun (especially if you’re a fan of the actual source material like us).

I really like dissecting a game’s rules and structure, and trying to figure out the game theory and intrinsic strategy of its design, and I found this board game’s structure simple, but clever, with just enough randomness and unknown variables to make it difficult to just meta-game your way to victory.

But mostly I like dissecting games to see what ideas I can steal and reuse in other ways down the line. Nothing really jumps out quite yet about the Sin City game, but who knows, I can file it away for who-could-say-when…


Sunday 12/10/17-

Sun: Sagittarius–

Moon: Virgo (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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