I talked to Rick a bit today about his upcoming chance to share a stage with Alan Moore, and if he gets the chance to talk to him about Moon & Serpent: The Bumper Book of Magic.

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My wife Jenny and I actually interviewed Mr. Moore back in 2009 when we still both worked for Diamond Comics, and we spent the latter half of it or so discussing Moon & Serpent, and magicians in general. It will always be a fond memory of mine. I don’t share it with many folks, but I still have the audio recording of this phone interview, and shared it with Rick since I know he’ll appreciate it from a number of different perspectives.

I also reread Serial Artist today, and now two years after its publication I have to say I like it more now than when I wrote it. I so rarely say that about anything I’ve created, and so I used that renewed sense of pride (and frustration) and attempted a third charging of my wealth candle (the first was at Lodge during the Jupiterial angel summoning and the second was during the Wealth operation on Saturday). Tomorrow is Jupiter’s day, so I think it’s time to finally light it and release all that energy.

Frater Superabo also came over tonight for his weekly visit. Mostly we talked about ormus, especially all the ways to protect it from electromagnetic waves. I’ve ordered a three pack of faraday cages, that we can use to store our ormus bottles in (he’s also ordered some, but from Blue Water Alchemy) but as it’s now looking like I’m not getting them until APRIL, I’m not sure if I can recommend this seller.


Wednesday 2/24/16

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Libra

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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