It is the first day of the Astrological/Zodiacal new year, the Vernal Equinox, and we kick this cycle off with it being on a Full Moon. No doubt today (and the remaining year) will present us all with a great many things that we can take advantage of… May we recognize these opportunities for what they are in due time to capitalize on them.

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The Equinox is the day when the hours of day and night are equal, and since it’s Spring, from here we enter the days of longer light. Energetically speaking, I feel the planet is undergoing the same process. Out of a long age of darkness into one of light.

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest…

Luke 8:17

And personally, I feel like I’m rounding this bend too. I don’t feel out of the woods yet, but so long as I keep to the path (and walk it) I’ll come out the other side much the better for it. A lot has changed since the last Vernal Equinox, and I suspect a great deal more will be different this time next year as well.

The Equinox also playing host to the Full Moon, once again I did our monthly Abundance ritual with gusto (and even with perhaps a bit more energy than I’d ever raised previously). The daytime and nighttime hours are even even today, so calculating the planetary hours of the ritual was easy (even though I still have an app for that).

The Magickal Days & Hours

Anyway, I pray all involved are pleased, and we will enjoy a new year of material, intellectual, creative, emotional, and spiritual Abundance.

So mote it be.

While it’s too early to talk about the specifics yet, I did take a step this week I’d long avoided… but (after swallowing some pride) went ahead and finally did it.

It has to do with a new opportunity for Serial Artist and having to become a (self) “publisher”. Maybe I’m making more out this than I should…

My new video is getting some decent views and I’m getting dangerously close to my 600th subscriber, despite YouTube’s crack down on all things occult. It’s still going to be a slow creep to the coveted 1000 when I’ll actually receive some small compensation from YouTube for producing this content, but it’ll get there.

And the Theosophical Society even recently made an overture about engaging my help to cast a spell for their Lodge… we’ll see what they had in mind and go from there.

Jenny seems to think I should do more of these videos, just talking solo about different stuff… which makes me feel all kinds of strange/nervous/uncomfortable. I always feel like I need to have an actual conversation with another human being (or at least respond to a question) for the “magick to happen”. Recording anything like this solo I’m afraid may feel stilted or overproduced (why not record a second, cleaner take?) and would be lacking in the right kind of spontaneous/creative energy. Jenny did offer to do it with me, which is probably the right approach, as I’m not even totally sure what my next “class” should even be… I feel like I covered the basics already, and I’d need to do another deep dive into anything else I’d want to be covering… At some point Astrology maybe? But not yet.

I really just wanted to kick-start people’s magickal thinking, and if they absorb all my videos start to finish, they should have enough foundational knowledge that they can get started on their self education from there, wherever that takes them. I’m not trying to be like Frater Xavier, his magick courses are more than sufficient for anyone looking to move from a novice to the level of an adept, and if anything I want to do what he isn’t… namely talking to (or in front of) people… well that and using my real name (not that I’m faulting anyone in the esoteric field who wishes to remain anonymous).

Interestingly, on that note I’ve been talking to Brother Enlil about a great many things lately, and one of the things he’s been talking about is just that… “coming out of the closet”… magickally speaking. This is likely due to the preambles we’re discussed about doing the Temple of the Western Gate podcast together (“soon”) as well as perhaps some interesting understandings he’s come to as far as the field of EVP and ITC is concerned. For instance, he believes he’s built a working prototype of a spirit box, and we plan to test it next time he visits us. Talking about that stuff (plus his storied history as a seminal punk rock musician), plus the even weirder stuff that was shared in confidence (but of course all ties together with the rest of this stuff) would at the very least probably make for some interesting listening. Bring Jenny’s perspective into the mix, have the odd special guest now and again, and we might have the makings of something truly special.

As we all move into this new era of light, darkness will not have wanted to release its grip so easily. So again, there was another mass meditation held on the Equinox for the 144K group, the major point being the resolution of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies and the healing of an oppressed Gaia.

A fine idea, and another fine session from Ground Crew Command Radio and the Unknown Light Warrior.

Jenny’s also been hard at work of late designing and sewing some more embroidery patterns, and she’s shown a real natural talent for creating original stuff. This, plus the potential interest that’s been shown for her past stave work may create a bunch of new opportunities for her too…

I was able to get a bit of a break from podcasting this week (both recording and editing) though the next week or so should have some more recording, and likely more editing both. Fortunately both Blackspire and Adventure Hook are caught up through mid-April releases… which of course will still be getting here before I know it. Still, I did get a bit more voice-over tracks from one of the Red Moon Roleplaying guys this week (which sound great), and while I’m still waiting for a handful more tracks from a few of the fellows yet, I really need to wait until I have everything before I feel I can adequately “shuffle the deck” and edit everything together the way it needs to be.

No rush, but I can’t wait to get that project completed.

And I also can’t seem to get enough of cooking with cast iron, as I took our classic dutch oven for a spin and (inspired by our visit to Hamilton Tavern last week) decided to create some of my very own home made artisan-style potato chips.

They came out quite stunning if I do say so myself, and while not every chip was perhaps fried to perfection, the homemade onion dip Jenny made to go with it put it over the top.

Yum, yum, yum!

Wednesday 3/20/19-

Sun: Aries–

Moon: Libra (FULL)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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