While admittedly I haven’t quite been operating at my full capacity this week, looking back I suppose I got a number of things I’d been juggling off my plate.

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To start with I feel like I’ve wrapped up work on the three miniatures I’d been painting. While I plan to actually set up the old light box and get some better shots of each, even standing on my work table they look pretty bad-ass…

Left to right they are Blackspire player Jen’s other character (in another game) a tiefling warlock, my wife Jenny’s steampunk gorgon Inspector Claerydia, and Jen’s character int he Blackspire world, the kitsune Starsoul sorceress Akihoshi.

The warlock wears a “simple” Cloak of Elvenkind, so I tried to channel that sort of design sense into the paint job, while the secret behind that mysterious obsidian saw-blade on Claerydia’s back is one that only the Blackspire Patreon supporters could hope to learn. Using magnets I made the heads of the Akihoshi figure interchangeable, so that we can keep track of whether she is in human form or her fox hybrid one…

Either way her fox tails will be showing… ha ha…

I know the character actually has six tails in game (a Roku-bi) but I didn’t think I could even find that many “spare” tails, let alone fit them all on this figure in a way that didn’t look totally ridiculous… I think three tails gets the point across well enough…

While there may be many more gaming events to look forward to in the future, I’ve at least floated three proposals to the Flagons & Dragons organizer of Games I could run next time. There’s much to consider both from a event/dice marketing and from a Blackspire promotional perspective but who knows, I may eventually do all of them in the coming months, but for now I’d probably start doing them in this order as well…

INITIATION: a bunch of pre-gens attempt to join the infamous Cult of the Spire. Fun combo of social strategy and combat, plus introduces players to some concepts of the Blackspire world.

BEGGAR FIGHTS: a bloody gladiatorial style event where low level punks are pitted against terrifying monsters much too powerful to handle one on one and they must work together or die horribly for the entertainment of the crowd.

FAIRY FAIRE – much more cerebral, the PCs will take on the role of different fey folk attending a mysterious festival town celebration as eerie events begin to unfold.

I also find myself without any more lead time, so this week threw myself into arranging all the raw cut recording for at least the next month’s worth of Patreon releases, as well as pulling out excerpts of each one to create the next batch of teasers… which if I can use everything I’ve prepped so far I should have enough tidbits to create sixteen more (S02T13-29) which in theory will get me months ahead, and it makes me wonder if maybe I shouldn’t perhaps release them more frequently…

I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it… I still have to find music and edit together each of those teasers into something enticing to listen to, keeps you along for the ride but still saves all the juicy details for the full versions of the show.


Still, I know have these raw cut’s “in the can” so the speak, and I need to start figuring out (and then writing the show notes for) when to release each one, and at what level. Thankfully, I’ve got quite a few “on deck”.

We recorded another Jolly Paul side session this week to make up for a scene that we’d played out previously that actually failed to record. I used this take two to make the scene more interesting with more choices for adventures to come, as well as ways to tie the other White Hydras back into the story (another session I need to schedule soon, which will then lead up to the Solina side session much more organically).

This will end up becoming a two-parter I’ll call “The High Cost of Trading Favors” and since it basically picks up right where the Gone Fishin’ Part 4 raw cut cuts out, I’ll be releasing it sooner for the sake of continuity, even though we recorded it after these others.

I’ve got the high level background episodes 2-4 for Claerydia prepped (even though the sound quality of 4 isn’t the best, the content is stellar) and I need to figure out how those come out, but for a parallel (and darker) understanding of this world and its story, Claerydia’s episodes offer all that and more…

I’ve also prepped the St. Jezebel side session, which had its own insights and while a shorter one shot episode: “The Temple of Changes” does set the stage for any number of interesting scenarios/conflicts in episodes to come.

Also, I finally managed to cobble together the rather awkward tried to record BISHAMONTEN’s return home after the events of Season 1. This one took a bit more clean-up editing than your average raw cut to turn into something listenable, but although it’s another short one, it does bridge some scenes and so “Limping Home Victorious” sets the stage for the opening of the Season 2 story line.

That also means I’ve prepped our fresher “re-recording” of the first episodes of the actual Season two group-play stuff. This winds up being four episodes worth of releases which I’ll call “Has Anyone Seen My Elf? – Part 1 & 2” and “Revelations at the Cult of the Machine God – Part 1 & 2” and all wound up being really good stuff (with hopefully more than a few good excerpts to tease potential supporters with).

This also means I’ve prepped the follow up recordings that I did with Jenny and Jen which was the unpacking of information gleaned from Revelations at the Cult of the Machine God as well as some other fun stuff. And I lifted some some good teaser material from this one as well, while leaving a lot of the best stuff (particularly player choices) for the paid listeners to discover… which they’ll be able to do so with “Forging Fellowships – Part 1 & 2”. We’ll all be getting together again in the coming week to record the follow up to this as well.

And finally, I also recorded another side session this week with Jim, which was his unpacking stuff from the same scenes, as well as a very special role-playing encounter that wound up being even more interesting than I’d first envisioned. This really ends up bringing a whole other dimension of the BISHAMONTEN character full circle (in a way) while creating a number of new NPC entanglements, that may be for better or worse for him in the long run. We’ll see, but either way “Grave Responsibilities – Part 1 & 2 will definitely set the stage for many more interesting things to come.

Fortunately raw cut stuff typically lets me work on other stuff as I listen (like my day job) but I did focus on a few things this week that weren’t actually Blackspire related…

A little yoga work to prep for the mass meditation on 11/11 was ok. A spiritual life is full time work, and I feel like I barely do it part time these days, but at least I try to give what I can at these. Even the full moon (in Taurus no less) Abundance ritual today was hardly my finest effort, but I endeavor to be earnest with myself, especially about where I fall short. I am still quite grateful for the state of things, even if I also have had a few darker thoughts clouding me this week which took some work to banish.

Nothing worth reiterating, especially for posterity. Bitter pills are to be swallowed…

Still, Amazon has been warning me of my inability to monetize this blog which is unsurprising since I can’t even seem to get any of their Amazon Associates special links to actually show on this site, and now YouTube is looking like it’s going to be doing yet another round of demonetization of content… and just as my subscriber number climbs to 985… fifteen more and YouTube would actually start to pay me for people being exposed to their advertisers while watching hours of my content for free… that is probably until next week anyway…

Oh well, making money is not why I made those. Nor is it to be exposed to some of the crazy or mean-spirited comments people leave on there. I don’t believe in censorship, so I won’t delete any comments that people leave (even if that means the worst tend to rise tot he top). The encouraging ones are always great, and I’ll respond to those… and while the negative ones I typically just try to ignore, one this week just seemed to stick in my craw and I had trouble forgetting it…

Maybe because parts of it hit too close to home..? I dunno, but nothing about any of this makes me want to do any more of it right now…

Still, Jenny and I did at least something more normal, and had a double date with friends and caught a showing of the hilarious Jojo Rabbit at the Charles Theater.

It’s a weird movie, but really very funny with some fantastic (and often quite moving) moments. We loved What We Do in the Shadows (both the movie and the Hulu show) and so as Taika Waititi directed this one, it was a natural must-see.

We then wound up grabbing dinner at the relatively new nearby Italian joint Orto, which we all found tasty, but a tad overpriced, and not to sound snobbish, but nobody really liked any of the drinks or wines they ordered either.

We should have just waited the 20 minutes to be sat at Tapas Teatro, which is our usual haunt when we’re in the neighborhood.

Oh well, none of any of that could ever be considered a “problem”… just food for thought for next time…


Sunday 11/12/19-

Sun: Scorpio–

Moon: Taurus (Full)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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