Great googally moogaly, it’s the Autumn Equinox already? Where has 2018 gone? It really feels like it just got here… But, in truth this has been quite  a productive year for me so far… though I feel like I still have so much to complete before the year ends.

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I have to admit, I was in a really bad head-space last week. But trading communications with fellow magician Brother Enlil this week have put a few things in perspective. We’ve noticed similar circumstances of late though the specifics in both our regards in private, and his in particular are especially not for public consumption. Things we’d both thought we’d left behind us have come back to haunt us (figuratively, literally, and even Astrally…) but we both feel like we have a handle on it.

Next time we see each other I plan to help him create a talisman of protection, offering both my artistic and wood-burning skills to the effort. Still, I did a little candle magick to send some positive and protective mojo his way (and I had just the right candle for it).

Yellow, red, blue, and green… e’er the stars about me seen. Uriel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael… guard against all that would thwart my True Will. APO PANTOS KAKODAIMANOS!

We talked a bit about Temple of the Western Gate, mostly that we need to give it attention once again. He’s also made me feel a little better about my upcoming lectures at the Theosophical Society in Maryland at the end of next month.

I was also pleased to see the Kickstarter I’d recently backed, a sci-fi comics anthology which included a contribution from Matt Kelly a very old friend (and gaming buddy) of mine was fully funded this week.

The key to Abundance is generosity, after all…

And speaking of which, it being the full moon meant I spent today’s hour of the sun performing our monthly Abundance renewal ritual. I have much to be grateful for, and I feel like some of the seeds I’ve planted long ago have already begun to sprout… with much more still on deck…

I mean, the listener-ship for Adventure Hook has really taken off, and we’ve already more than doubled our downloads compared to last month’s listens. But, even that exciting news pales in comparison to who’s listening… and why. For instance check out this recent tweet we received..!:


This is great, as with Adventure Hook it seems we’ve (inadvertently) pushed beyond the bounds of just being entertaining, and maybe helped inspire (or even educate) a few new creatively fertile minds a bit… perhaps..? The episode in question, The Mysterious Item is one of Aaron and my favorite episodes as well.

Episode 5: The Mysterious Item

It’s cool to think our listener-ship now includes young potential writers/gamers. I think about how important the things that inspired me in high school still are to me today (hello… Planescape..?) so yeah, I guess you could say the potentials hidden in this tweet give me a warm fuzzy.

Blackspire listener-ship is growing too (there was another plug on this week’s episode of Laughfinder plus the Red Moon guys mentioned my game fondly on this week’s Ask for the Moon) and Patreon support may ever reach a point where both Aaron and I will be operating in the black (not counting all the “free work hours” we each put in, of course) but it’s fine, and hopefully John will have put the finishing touches on my new tower this week and I can jump back into editing with both feet…

I’m even planning to introduce a new Patreon reward to the $5 tier which will allow people to listen to the raw cuts of our sessions long before they’ve been edited and released. I really really really would like to do that level of editing on a new supped up machine, so fingers crossed for that and I’ll get to it soon…

Still, this week I also finished up the edits for Episode 11 of Blackspire (A Third Eye Scowling – Part 3), which regrettably only gets me caught up through mid-October. Actually, at the stroke of midnight the evening of my birthday, if I don’t have Episode 12 complete I’ll be past deadline (for my Patreon listeners anyway)…

However, the soon-to-be-(I-promise)-edited S01E12 also marks the first episode of the A Homecoming Paved in Ashes arc, which is arguably our creepiest (and most Lovecraftian) session by far, so it is also the first episode I want to start introducing music provided courtesy of the Cryo Chamber label. I’ve been combing though their catalog for ideal musical content, but I’ve definitely made sure to acquire some of the albums directly inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s works.




Cryo Chamber really only extended me the courtesy of using their music based on the Red Moon Roleplaying fellows vouching for me (and my natural promise to give full credit and  Based on my descriptions of the Blackspire show Cryo Chamber’s marketing guy suggested a number of other artists and albums that could fit the scenes I’d mentioned to him:

  • King in Yellow, Carcosa, and the Yellow Sign, as well as the Ghouls of Leng
  • Vampire/cannibalistic fine dining
  • Steampunk slaughterhouse/torture chambers
  • Unholy rituals in temples made of bone
  • Demonic samurai/dark Asian
  • A summoner’s mound in an ancient forest
  • Wandering through a literal Hellscape
  • Really just the general unraveling of sanity…

Aside from the obvious Lovecraftian works, I’d also received the recommendations of Cities Last Broadcast – The Humming Tapes, Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast – Black Corner Den (about old Opium Dens) and for a more spiritual experience the Metatron Omega albums fit well (many of which I acquired). The Red Moon guys also made their own suggestions based on their impressions of the To Baator & Back game, and I think at this point I have a fine pallet of soundscapes to work with…

To boot, I now have Jim‘s voice recording snippets of these artists/albums I can cut into bumpers in the future to intro the episodes where this music is used. I’m really enjoying the dark ambient stuff, and feel it’ll add another more nuanced texture to future episodes, balanced with the other exciting stuff I commonly use. For this week the B.R.U.W. Crew met (surprisingly for the first time since April… I mean, where did the time go?) to play another session of Blackspire (and record it for the podcast).

We ended up with what should amount to three decent hour-long episodes (Season 1: Episodes 18 – 20) which I titled Aiming High While Lying Low. Lots of fun scenes and old skool game-play, which I hope will translate into some fun episodes… I also hope we will start playing more often again. It’ll keep everyone’s momentum (mine included) up and the story fresher in everyone’s mind.

I also managed to capture the episode Intros I needed from Jim to continue editing S01E12 on, as well as the recap journal entries of Maelik Kileam for episodes 12 and 15 so I truly have the pieces I need to edit my “birthday episode”. Phew!

And Episode 10 debuted today… here’s hoping I see a spike in listens similar to Adventure Hook, but so long as things progress in an upward trajectory I’ll have noting to complain about.

A Third Eye Scowling: Pt 2 (S01E10)

And today marks one more turning point, as we recorded Adventure Hook – Episode 13: Bad Wizard in a Scary Tower today… which… not only will Episode 13 coincide with the release the week of Halloween, it was the first time either of us had rolled a Critical Fail at the end of the episode and so it seemed we should do something special…

As such we decided to ask another comic pro acquaintance of both Aaron’s any myself, writer/artist Tim Seeley. I know Tim back from when I was the Diamond brand manager for Devil’s Due Publishing and Tim was their staff artist. Tim and Aaron actually know each other through me, as the DDP crew had come back to my place after some Baltimore ComicCon or other when we were roommates.

Life’s funny that way…

The show’s recording went quite well, I think we all had fun and come up with some great adventure stuff none of us would have on their own. Syncronicity abounds around these situations, but I’ve long stopped being surprised by them but it’s still fun to listen to Aaron’s shock over it over and over again). I even had the chance to organically plug Serial Artist (which could use all the help it could get).

It may end up being yet another of our “best shows so far” and hopefully with Seeley’s fans showing even marginal interest should result in some new listeners…


Sunday 9/24/18-

Sun: Libra–

Moon: Aries (FULL)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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