So this week I ended up having some computer problems which took my tower out of commission for a few days. Fortunately these days most of my work obligations can be handled though my iPhone, but I felt not being able to work on my usual projects.

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I took my machine over to John at Baltimore PC Repair. I’ve used him many times before, he does great work and him being around the corner doesn’t hurt things either. I have it back now, though the time has certainly come to put the old girl out to pasture and upgrade my unit, which I’ve also engaged John to help me build.

In those few days without a computer I (guiltily) allowed myself to get caught up on a show or two I’d fallen off of, but anticipating that “dry spell” I at least managed to mock up the next Adventure Hook promo for Episode 11… even if I wouldn’t have the capabilities to edit the actual episode for a while…

And it didn’t take long, I’d really just finished my edits on the raw cut of our Part 2 of the To Baator & Back and already the Red Moon Roleplaying guys have it up on their Patreon site. I’m pretty proud of it, and our Part 3 as well, but thus far I’ve only be able to do the sound remastering on our five tracks on that recording. I’d really prefer to edit any new shows on the new computer, but John thinks it’ll be a few days yet (at least) until he has all the parts he wants to build me my new machine.

Still, Aaron and I have plans tomorrow to record a new episode of Adventure Hook: Legend Lore where we’ll be helping the new actual-play podcast Tabletop Tantrums brainstorm ideas for their campaign. We’ll be talking to John Reviewer from the About to Review podcast and his GM Jedidiah Roe… and I’ll be honest, it’s an exercise I’m looking forward to exploring.

Tomorrow also marks the release of Blackspire – Season 1: Episode 9, which is Part 1 of the Third Eye Scowling series. After this, I literally only have one more Blackspire episode in the can, so I really need to get at least one more completed before October comes or I’ll fall behind. A new computer should help with my efficiency on that front as well… at least that’s what I told myself all this week as the days without my tower progressed…

Still, it is always great to hear when Jim plugs his appearance on Blackspire when they cast do their plugs at the end of each episode of Laughfinder. We’re seeing some (subtle) viewership spike on both Blackspire and Adventure Hook, and hopefully it now only continues exponentially in this regard.

Season 3 Episode 51 Spoprah!

We’re also planning to record Episode 12 of Adventure Hook this week, and in preparation (with my “downtime”) I’ve also gone back and re-devoured Monte Cook’s original Planescape guidebook A Guide to the Astral… another original Planescape resource that’s been on my shelf for decades (and today would probably easily sell for over $100… not that I’d want to part with any of it).

Aaron and I have also been discussing different ways to retool the Adventure Hook show, and where we can possibly take it. My “remastering” of the To Baator & Back adventure has inspired him to suggest that us doing that sort of thing regularly for other older pre-written modules would be of interest to listeners. While personally the prospect doesn’t really interest me I (and Jenny) both see his point. I suppose I’d find it more interesting to give more modern releases an overhaul, especially if the companies were so inclined as to send me review copies, but the very premise of Adventure Hook is I can take any idea and make something interesting out of it, so there’s no reason I can’t do it with modules (again…)…

Aaron’s also suggested we take a look at Monte Cook’s new game Numenera, which he also said he felt had a Reliquum feel to it. I’ve already made it quite clear what a fan I am of Mr. Cook’s other new game Invisible Sun and with this (let’s face it, unsurprising similarity to my own game) I’ve gone ahead and downloaded the quickstart material for the game from Monte Cook Games.

The Spire of the Hunting Sound FREE Numenera Quickstart Rules and Adventure

Thankfully, while I do see what Aaron is saying (as far as both Numenera and Reliquum are sci-fantasy stories set in mankind’s distant future) I feel there are enough fundamental similarities in what we’ve both created I don’t need to worry about crossover.

And along with the sun and moon today, Mercury is also exalted in Virgo (as well as rules it) and Venus will in Scorpio until Halloween (which suits me/my chart fine) and also Jenny’s birthday is this week… so stars align all around…

To celebrate in part she’ll be taking an embroidery class with Robert of Beast or God which she’d pretty excited about, plus I’ve another surprise or two for her (which I won’t mention here because I know she reads this blog).

Good good good stuff!


Sunday 9/9/18-

Sun: Virgo–

Moon: Virgo (New)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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