So, I had to be honest… while I could probably still have pushed it tonight and have something new for the new William Blake T-shirts by tomorrow, doing the icon right is really important to me, and I know if I rush it I’m going to hate it forever.
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So, while I’ll finish it eventually, I want it to be something everyone in the Lodge can be proud of (especially me) and as of now I don’t feel right submitting something less than what I’m actually capable of.

So, I went ahead and tried a few different new mock ups of a one-sided B&W shirt that I think would still be good for WBL representation. I made a few different versions depending on the manufacturer’s final gradient abilities (including if it’s none), and while I sorted them in my personal preferred order, I think any of them would make fine shirt designs.




Black & White



But, since now I don’t need to worry about a WBL shirt design in time for the Pride Parade, and with the next B.R.U.W. gaming session tomorrow (and new player Nate’s figure still unfinished), I let myself do a bit of miniature painting in the evening.

So, more work on Thokk the half-orc barbarian. I first knocked out all the large metal pieces using Citadel’s Boltgun Metal. I also plan to make the magick sword have a “glowy” effect, so I used my trusty Pyrole Red to mark out the blood groove, which will actually be behind the runes inscribed on the surface…


Then using Vallejo’s Metal Medium, which goes on more translucently, I started pulling out the sections I considered “accent” pieces.


I then used a blue metallic paint to dry-brush some of the “medium” sections, then hit it all with a wash of Citadel Nuln Oil (but any black wash works fine). I also tried to work some purple gradient into the yellow of the cloth tabard.


As Thokk’s sword can magically turn into a chain to grapple opponents, I wanted to add some kind of animated chain motif to the character. But I’m also enjoying working on the NPC character (the Cloakwood Shepard) and his wyvern mount.

I drilled a hole in the wyvern’s back, and inserted a small magnet. I also removed the Shepard from his “broccoli base” (as some other miniature painters I’ve seen have called them) and created a base for him as well (using Ovid Paste!), also holding a little magnet. And of course another magnet in his foot allows him to be mounted on that new base, or atop the wyvern itself.


Since Thokk is from Calimshan, I figured a simple sandy base would work for him. I didn’t really think something all rocky or grassy made sense, but I can always change it I guess.

So once I put down a simple layer of yellow paint, I used a healthy dollop of P.V.A. glue and dipped the base in terrain sand.


I also worked in the sections of leather and fur, and will eventually wash them in dark brown or black. I also messed with  Citadel’s Yellow Glaze on the tabard, but for now I’m not loving it.

But finally, since his (familial) sword is magic, I wanted to paint it a different color metal than his armor, and for now used Citadel’s Tin Bitz for the sword, chain, and the actual figure’s base.


Thokk the Barbarian still needs work, but for now I think he’s presentable enough for the battlefield.

And, at long last Mars has finally left retrograde today, and finds himself “right” in Scorpio’s house. The mood struck suddenly, and I found myself tapped into that current for an interesting period this this evening… not officially an evocation I suppose, but was very Scorpio in nature. My wife definitely noticed a difference, and we’ll leave it at that.

God is in His Heaven. All is right with the World.


Thursday 6/30/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Taurus-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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