I can almost let myself say: “I got a lot accomplished this week”… Almost

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Aaron and I had another great recording session and now have the raw tracks for Adventure Hook Episode 22 (The Bottomless Pit) under our belt. We began with a pretty loose premise for an Adventure Hook and managed to turn it into an episode we both found so compelling that we almost want to give it a part two.

We likely won’t, but rarely do we find ourselves swapping ideas for a show after we’ve recorded it, so there’s something to it at least. It’s my turn to edit the episode (which I’m quite looking forward to) but I also found myself inspired with an idea, and so already went ahead and mocked up the promo art for it (even though it’s not my turn for that). It pretty much nails the episode though, and we both like it, so there you go…

We also made sure to push our new “Ravenloft Masterclass” as we should have actually completed our second livestream of the Legend Lore: Realm of Terror Redux episodes by the time Adventure Hook: Episode 22 debuts.

We also debuted Episode 20 (Save the Familiar’s Wizard) on Patreon this week as well. The idea of that episode was to create scenarios to serve as a prequel adventure to draw a GM’s group of player characters to a number of the different (old skool classic) dungeons outlined in the new D&D 5e Tales from the Yawning Portal sourcebook.

It was a pretty solid premise for an episode, and hopefully a useful one. Aaron even used the original art from the three adventures we chose to highlight when creating the promo art for this episode.

And I’ve been all “a-Twitter” drumming up more contributions to our d20 chart, which I’ve managed to do to cover our episode gaps… and then some. I’ve also been swapping out old/vague ideas (especially ones we’ve similarly covered in previous episodes) and we’ve got some decent ones in there (and the rest we can make work anyway…).

But naturally that also means the latest episode of Blackspire also went live this week. It’s one of the ones that needed a lot of piecemeal editing, but hopefully the final is entertaining enough.

Aiming High While Lying Low: Pt 2 (S01E19)

For whatever reason though, Blubrry who I use to host the podcast isn’t reporting any listens for the episode at all, which I know isn’t right as I myself played it though earlier in the week, and it still shows zero. I’m sure it had something to do with 18 and 19 being uploaded out of order (WordPress failed to save 18’s post) but I’ve verified the connection, and it plays fine both on this site and on iTunes, so it seems you can at least listen to the damn thing, which is way more important than the reported numbers of course…

But I was working ahead this week as well. I received the last of the recordings I needed to finish up the next Blackspire episode (S01E20) edits… which I did! But I also caught some kind of bug, and managed to finish up the edits on both Episodes 21 and 22 as well!

Holy crap!

Now, I chalk this up to my “technique” (for the three episodes in the Kingdom Before the Walls series anyway) to do the soundtrack for all of them by simply dropping in the complete Cryo Chamber compilation albums (2018, 2017, and 2016 for Ep 20, 21, and 22 respectively).

I did almost zero editing to each of the hour+ long track, and simply let the magick of synchronicity… sync! Which it does interestingly enough more than once in each episode.

I likely can’t go back to that well for a good long while, but for these “talk heavy” episodes they worked out just swimmingly. This gets me caught up on releases through mid-April (which is a month+ buffer I’d like to maintain as best as I can). And I’ve got plans for two more Blackspire recording sessions this month, including a side session with Jim I think we’re both excited about.

I’ve also been working on the miniature painting commissions Jim put to me to bring to life the character of his new PC for a different (private) game he’s starting… I put the finishing touches on it today and the results seem to satisfy.

So behold..! Sir Hammish the halfling knight astride his dire corgi mount Steve.

He also wanted versions unmounted (hence why he got two versions printed by Hero Forge) so I did those for him as well. The heraldry on the shields was his (general) idea, as were the color schemes.


It is quite weird to see them blown up to many times their actual size, I notice so much more that’s off, but that you’re less likely to see when it’s “actual size”… nothing I can’t go back and fix before handing them off, though…

Again, if you like my work, here are my rates to get one for yourself…

Blackspire Studios Commission Rates

I’ve also still been focused a great deal more on my day job work, though I’ve also begun some slightly more serious forays into the field of Game Theory… and more specifically ideas surrounding Game Mechanics. The more I start to understand this stuff, the clearer the path for creating both the structure of the Monomyth Game…. and ultimately the Reliquum RPG starts to become.

Sooner or later it’s bound to come up for Adventure Hook as well…

But… as Mercury goes retrograde and Uranus leaves Aries, we also had the pleasure of having our old friend “The Friend” over for dinner this week as well. It’d been a while to visit, but we’d been making excellent use of the cast iron cookware she’d gifted us since then, and managed to put it to excellent use that evening frying up some delectable lamb chops.


I still haven’t dared risk going back to try and export by edited Magick 202: The Formula of Ritual (Part 1) video again. The Friend advised I do a sigil for its successful completion, which I actually did do…

…though I haven’t actually activated it fully yet. I feel like I need to charge it waaaaay more before even attempting the work aspects yet, because right now my intuition is telling me the only way I’m getting an actual finished product out of it is if I actually pay for the full version of the program… and as I’m displeased with the stripped down free version enough that I don’t even really want to plug it it here… I’m not particularly inclined to give them my money to actually produce what I’d understood I’d be able to do without…

We’ll see… not tonight though…


Wednesday 3/6/19-

Sun: Pisces–

Moon: Pisces (NEW)

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For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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