Want to hire my services or even engage me to work on some project with you?


I’m up front about what things will cost and how long I think they will take. You are responsible for the costs of materials (50% of the total value) and for shipping, and I estimate an hourly wage based on what you actually want done.

So, if there’s something you want me to do, especially something magickal, don’t ask me how much it will cost. That’s not the right attitude. You need to figure out what such an item is worth to you, and hang a number on that you are willing to part with.

If you decide to reach out, come to me with your ideas of what you want, and the budget you’re willing to spend on it. I will take those two things and give you an idea of what I’d be able to accomplish with it. I’ll also share options to tweak the end result, and if that would affect the final price (up or down). We will agree on everything before I start work. I allow for client input whenever possible as I work, but I don’t do revisions of items taken to completion, unless some agreed-upon parameter was not met. If the work’s creation also comes with a deadline, understand that can affect the final price as well.

Also, once we’re in agreement I will require some form of down payment from you through PayPal before I actually begin work. That payment may range anywhere from 10% to 50%, depending on what materials I have to acquire, but we’ll agree on that first as well.

I’ll pretty straight forward person to deal with, so if that all sounds good feel free to reach out to me on Facebook and we can talk and figure out if we can work together.

If rather, you’re interested in getting custom miniatures painted, my rates are below, and you can reach out to me through the Blackspire Studios Facebook page.



Blackspire Studios Commission Rates