Here are some examples of my work from over the years. Any that you like and want printed on something (and I may have a suggestion or two), please just follow the merchandise link at the end of the description and you can get all kinds of stuff on my Redbubble site.

Paintings & Illustration


The Billionth Monkey – Hamlet: Special Edition


This is the painting I did for the back cover of Richard Kaczynski‘s new book The Billionth Monkey. This takes the idea of “a billion monkeys typing for a billion years produces a copy of Hamlet”, but in this case it’s the “Hamlet: Special Edition”, so the piece is a clear homage to the original Hildebrandt movie poster for Star Wars, but you know… with Hamlet characters. I think this is just begging to be made into “Star Wars bed sheets” which you could get here (or just a boring old print or whatever).

Painted digitally using ArtRage.


Hope as St. Catherine


A painting I did for the graphic novel Serial Artist and probably the one used most prominently throughout the story. This piece depicts the likeness of the Serial Artist’s first purported victim… his girlfriend Hope. Get a framed print and maybe you’ll start obsessing about Hope as well.

Drawn in pencil then painted digitally in Photoshop.



Enka as the Baptist (Completing the Forbidden Ritual)


Another painting I did that we used in the graphic novel Serial Artist. This piece depicts the likeness of one of the Serial Artist’s last purported victims. It is perhaps this painting more than any other that embroils others in the Serial Artist’s affairs. Get a print and see if you stare at it long enough you can solve the hidden riddle yourself.

Drawn in pencil then painted digitally in Photoshop.



Children’s Crusade


Yet another painting I did that we used in the graphic novel Serial Artist. This piece depicts the likeness of one of the Serial Artist’s purported victims. Its subject remains unknown. Get it on canvas, just like in the book.

Drawn in pencil then painted digitally in Photoshop.



Needle Of Karnush-Rah


A painting I did for Liam Sharp’s anthology Event Horizon 2 from Mam Tor Publishing. I was quite proud to be included in such illustrative company as Liam Sharp, Ashley Wood, Glenn Fabry, Simon Bisley and more. The original is framed in my home, maybe yours needs one too.

Oil on board.





A painting I did for Crusades Fine Art. Originally it was to intended to be Billy Tucci’s character Shi, but I think it works just as its own image. A few friends of mine have framed prints of this piece.

Oil on board, then altered in Photoshop.



Poe’s Grave


Edgar Allen Poe is buried in my hometown of Baltimore. I always loved Poe, so wanted to do a tribute piece, but also wanted to reference the “mysterious visitor” who leaves roses on the grave each year on Poe’s birthday. It’s a little piece of local color. Though I added the rose, the wreath was there the day I visited. It would work lovely as a print in your home (or library). I still have the original hanging in a hallway in my home.

Oil on board.





A painting I did concerning the irony that in the Middle Ages those who were said to be the most enlightened people were often responsible for the greatest atrocities. The original brightens up my home… maybe a print will do the same for yours.

Oil on canvas board.



The Dunwich Horror


What can I say… I love H.P. Lovecraft, and this painting depicts one of his most famous short stories. And for whatever reason, there’s something about this image that people really respond to, and it ends up on all kinds of merchandise from shirts and hoodies, to simple stickers.

Oil on canvas.



The Thing That Should Not Be


Another H.P. Lovecraft inspired piece. A denizen of R’yleh perhaps? Get it on a throw pillow and lay your head down for some pleasant nightmares.

Acrylic on paper.



The Great Old Ones


More Cthulhu mythos imagery. Get it on a spiral notebook before you spiral into madness.

Acrylic on paper.



Touched By Madness


I mentioned I like H.P. Lovecraft right? A painting inspired by the madness of his mythos… encase your iPad in the corrupt tendrils of the Great Old Ones.

Acrylic on paper.



Moby Dick


I rarely use goache, but really like how it worked for this piece depicting Captain Ahab vs. his nemesis the White Whale. There’s no end to the jokes you could make inside a greeting card for friends or co-workers with this.

Goache on paper.





Based on the poem by Lewis Carroll, this needs to be on a pillow on your bed or couch, and that way when you pillow-fight your friends with it, you can always shout out “snicker-snack” as you bop ‘em one…

Acrylic on paper.





A painting I did for the Reliquum RPG setting. Ma’Alok, the God of War and Strategy. Tremble mortals! And maybe get his mug on a mug.

Oil on board.





Another painting I did for the Reliquum RPG setting. Chreagain, the Goddess of Dreams… does she not demand your worship as well? Lay your head on a pillow bearing her image, and enter her realm.

Oil on board.





A drawing I did for the Reliquum RPG setting. Pilgrim worshipers of the goddess Chreagain sacrifice their very lives to the memory-sapping waters that cascade down from her lighthouse. Maybe if they grace your laptop skin, you’ll remember to save your work more often.

Drawn in pencil then in painted digitally in Photoshop.





In the Reliquum fantasy world I created there is the legend of the Magdalar. She was a woman of peerless nobility, charity, grace, and beauty who throughout her whole life served the gods, but never found a man worthy of her heart… so she died never knowing love. Throughout the ages that passed, countless men have devoted themselves to becoming worthy of her, so that upon their death she might await them in paradise. These knights, called Magdalarians, live lives of ultimate nobility, piety and ultimately chastity, forswearing all others for the sake of their love for the Maiden-Knight. I thought it a noble, if not gloomy existence, so I did a painting of a Magdalarian chapel. Perhaps you’ll want to get something as a devotional item as well.

Oil on board.



Azamon Kith


A painting of one of the most pivotal characters from the Reliquum fantasy world, the alchemist-knight Azamon Kith has gone by many names and has led many lives in his 665 years… but was the cost of his immortality too high? By comparison, the price of a print is a steal.

Painted digitally in Photoshop.



Wolfgang von Reigaust


A painting of another figure from the Reliquum fantasy world, the Inquisitor Wolfgang von Reigaust is the nemesis of the alchemist-knight Azamon Kith. He’s hardcore, so get him printed on metal.

Painted digitally in Photoshop.





I guess you could call this a self portrait since I was the reference, but that’s not really its intention. Not that I had any loftier purpose that to try to make it look cool. Put it on a pencil skirt and I’ll guard your nethers.

Acrylic on board



Penn Station


A painting I did of Penn Station in Baltimore. I used to live right across the street and would see it lit up every night. The original now hangs in my living room; perhaps you’d enjoy a print of the same.

Oil on paper.



Native Son


This is an illustration I did of a scene from the novel Native Son by Richard Wright. Maybe you’d like it printed on something… but fair warning… it tends to scare children who come to my house.

Oil on canvas.



Death and the Princess





These four pieces I did for a “children’s book” I wrote. You can read the actual story here and maybe you’ll want one image to keep. One. Two. Three. Four.

Oil on board.



The Name of the Rose


An illustration I did as a movie poster for one of my all time favorite movies (and books). I can’t sell prints of this piece, but it’s a good one to include in my portfolio.

Oil on board.





A piece I did concerning the nature of faith in a completely automated and digitized world. Stay analog… get one on a hardcover journal (made out of paper and everything) and delay your assimilation into the Orwellian super-state for one more day.

Oil on paper.





A piece I did in a short series on industry and urban decay. It’d make a cheery laptop skin.

Acrylic on paper.





Ariadnae & Minotaur


An icon I created for my wife’s Amazon store. I think fans of Greek Myth may get a kick out of it, and belongs on a drawstring bag for the coolest dice bag at the gaming table (sorry Crown Royal).

Drawn in pencil then colored digitally in Photoshop.





Enough said with the title I think. Blame my wife for the name. Maybe get one on a studio pouch to carry your own little bloodsuckers around in…

Drawn/colored in Photoshop.



Wolf & Witch


Fairy tales gone awry are always a favorite. This was originally a t-shirt design I did for Threadless, but my work was not really all that welcomed there. Have this design grace your travel mug for your own little forays into the deep dark wood.

Drawn/colored in Photoshop.



Atlantis Drilling


I think the message here is pretty clear, so if you agree, maybe get one on a new phone case and be hipper-than-thou while documenting the daily decay of the world around us.

Drawn/colored in Photoshop.



Baby Cthulhu


Have some “world peas”… get it? Then get it on a tote bag for carrying around diapers and other accoutrements for your own little “thing that should not be”.

Drawn in pencil then colored digitally in Photoshop.



Just Hatched


A piece I did for friends of ours who’d just adopted a newborn son they named Griffin. We got this printed on a onesie, which he’s long out grown, but thought I’d share the image.

Drawn in pencil then in painted digitally in Photoshop.



Drawings & Sketches