The date has officially become futuristic, as 2020 surpasses many of the years many classic sci-fi stories were said to take place during (Blade Runner, Back to the Future, etc.). Maybe we don’t all have flying cars and jet-packs, but plenty about the digital world we live in know would have felt like sci-fi 20-30 years ago…

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Things like podcasts anyway…

It was nice to get back into the swing of things after the holidays, as Aaron and I recorded the next episode of Adventure Hook just before the New Year clicked over. This wound up being Episode 38: The Strange Folk, and not only have I also already knocked out the edits (and accompanying show notes) for that episode, but I even mocked up a promo for it I’m actually somewhat pleased with.

I’ve had good reason to have fairies and changelings on the brain lately, and so as the fates should have it, the hook for that episode let me explore all sorts of fairy folklore concepts for role-playing game purposes (as well)… though I generally avoided any major concepts I’d used in my recent script “A Faerie Tale Wedding”.

I’d wrapped that project up since my last “real” blog post, and while it ended up taking me a little longer than I expected it to, the final sequential art script actually wound up being almost as long (13,000 words give or take) as my one for “Iceland’s Last Yule” (clocking in at around 16,000 words) even though it was technically for only half the number of actual comic pages (8 vs. 16).  This story carried with it its own visual language, and that took a bit more space to convey the concepts for the artist’s purposes. It’s still too early to say more, as I’ve yet to learn if the editors even require any revisions, but I’m definitely looking forward to see what it eventually turns into.

Anyway, Aaron and I will be recording February’s (39th) episode of Adventure Hook later this month, and I think the fates may have had it with Aaron’s ten-episode streak of winning initiative, as this episode he rolled the first critical fail (Natural 1) since Episode 13: A Bad Wizard in a Scary Tower.

This meant, that not only did I need to update the d20 #newadventurehook list of episode ideas for 2020, but the Critical Fail chart too (both which needed a slight makeover anyway).

This week also marks yet another promo for Blackspire, this one also focusing on Jenny’s character, the Steampunk gorgon Inspector Claerydia. I really need to record another side session or two with her soon, but we’ve all had other things on our mind (and I’m not “out” of material in the can just yet)…

Because of course there was the holidays to worry about first. And Jenny and I had a very pleasant few days visiting with my family in a nice home we rented together for the week up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Such a nice place to spend the holidays

And yes, we’d see an Amish horse-and-buggy pass us on the nearby road at least once an hour… very quaint indeed.

We had a number of highs and lows over the course of the week (of course) but one of the most memorable surely will be the successful (meaning “leak-free”) serving of the meat pie that Jenny had prepared and we’d spent the whole afternoon creating as the centerpiece of Christmas dinner.

Behold! Jenny’s delicious boar bacon meat pie unveiled!

Pan seared boar medallions, savory boar bacon, and over a pound of diced pork tenderloin went into the contents of that medieval masterpiece, and I can safely say not a bite of filling was left by the end of the night.


New Years Eve Jenny and I spent with our friends in Baltimore and started the year off right. We have a lot to look forward to in 2020 (including a semi-surprise visit from Brother Enlil this coming weekend) and with my YouTube subscribers hitting 1111 on the very last day of the year, perhaps it will prove to be a mysterious, yet strangely successful one as well.

Here’s to another great decade!


Thursday 1/2/20-

Sun: Capricorn–

Moon: Aries (50% Waxing)

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For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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