Encouraged by the success of the Water Cup lid, I decided today was the day to cast the orgonite for the headpiece of my Fire Wand.

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I began by ensuring the ruby and copper caduceus I created would be aligned correctly inside the orgonite, at it will only just fit, and I want it aligned just-so. The base stone I attached to the magnet that will be submerged in the resin first with superglue for a quick-drying solution to line everything up, and after with a bit of epoxy I mixed up to make it permanent.


It kinda looks cool just like this, but I’ve got even bigger plans for it. So I first used rubber cement to seal up the crack I cut in it, then placed the headpiece mold into an empty paint can (in case of resin spillage) and used rubber bands to hold it both perfectly level and steady again the can’s wall. I plan to try two colors of resin (red and yellow/orange) and also have my copper bits at the ready (slices of copper wire and copper tape cut into triangles and tetrahedrons) to go into the mix bits at a time. But before any of that, I dropped in a single silver magnet which should appear in the wand’s tip, and with any luck, the north pole direction facing outward…but I’ll live with the results, as the caduceus alone is enough to make this piece into something pretty awesome (and powerful) in my opinion.


I’d marked which direction the “stinger” of the headpiece faced so I could align the caduceus and its support nails before I poured the resin, and it’s a good thing too because I had a little more trouble getting the piece situated right than I’d anticipated.

I then took a bench of wooden sticks and built up a frame around the mold, so that I could lay another wooden stick across the top completely parallel with the top of the mold. I then used a second magnet which will fit in the wand to hold the submerged magnet flush with the stick. I then made a mask of wax paper around the hole, which should make both the pouring and eventual removal of the epoxy easier.


I them mixed up two batches of resin, and went with red on the bottom and yellow on top (though no matter how little coloring I use, the solution always seems to lean more towards orange, but I’ll live with it. I sprinkled in the copper pieces throughout, but filled the headpiece up to the brim with orange, and still had enough left to cast the d20 as well as two of the fancy pillars I’d made molds of, and was curious how’s they actually reproduce the 3D image.


However… when I checked on the molds a few hours later I noticed the now fairly hard epoxy showed pretty significant amount of shrinkage going on with both the pillars and inside the headpiece… and that filled me with horror, because the interior magnet was now not even submerged in resin (and I know I mixed enough as I got overflow). So, I mixed up another batch of resin, and decided I’d use red again, imagining that should probably create an interesting effect for the fire wand, and refilled the wand mold to overflowing once more.

Again, I had more left over, so decided I’d cast some of the corner support pillars of the City Builder set just to see how they come out. I also added extra red resin to the two orange pillars. I plan to paint over all those pieces if they turn out to be usable, so what they look like underneath doesn’t’ actually matter anyway…


I then wanted to experiment with using metallic paint to highlight the sigils on my Fire Wand, so I mixed up a reddish beaten copper and a bright bronze acrylic colors I had, which end up being very close in color to the actual copper nails I’ll be putting around the edges.


Now, while I think this will fine, I also think that the wand needs another coat of wood stain, so I gave the wand another healthy coat, which should hopefully do the trick.


I also saw my new friend at the chiropractor today, and gave her the Michael talisman (which I charged during yesterday’s daily rituals) that I felt somewhat led to make for her. I explained to her in the most general terms what it was for, mostly suggesting she turn it into a meditation tool, as a signal to her Higher Self when she puts it on its time for serious meditative focus. I also told her that I hoped that since she already has some kind of affinity for this Archangel, that keeping it nearby would help her (like Michael’s fiery sword) utilize both intellect and willpower to slice through the obstacles in her path. Hopefully she gets something out of it.

But, I also received troubling news this evening. Frater Superabo, who was going to fulfill the role of Michael in the Solstice ritual on the 18th is going in for surgery and won’t be able to make the next practice, or even possibly the event. Brother Rob had expressed some interest, so I’ll be reaching out to him to see if he can maybe fill in on short notice. If not, I have other brothers I can ask, so hope isn’t lost yet…


Tuesday 6/7/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Cancer-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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