Today was a long day doing Lodge stuff, but all-in-all it was a really great day. I got there early to participate in rehearsals for the Minerval initiations next month.

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I also noticed the day of the initiation (Aug 13th) is also the day Saturn finally leaves retrograde… and so along with the other core planets “all will be right with the world” once more (if we ignore that Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all still retrograde, and will be for some time still).

I can’t talk specifics, but I am really excited to fulfill my role (E/BG), especially because if all works out, I’ll personally be guiding part of the initiation for my friends Brother Alex, Enlil Ka Akh, and Soror Queaseitor In Pace. We have six candidates total scheduled for initiation that day, including a number from other local O.T.O. bodies.

After rehearsal, we had a productive business meeting, and I now have a number of action items to follow up on, including issues for the Man of Earth Representative Panel, revisions to my Thelemic Tea Ceremony and Equinox/Solstice Feast write-up for inclusion in Blake’s publication Heaven and Hell, create some broad budget work-ups for what it would take for WBL to host a Magickal Figure Drawing event, and starting up a discussion about the Lodge creating (and populating) our own YouTube channel.

The Gnostic Mass had a much more intimate congregation today, but that was fine. We had a new attendee come today that I instantly befriended. Brother V hails from India, but moved to the States back in the 80’s. This was his first O.T.O. function, but I could clearly tell this was not his first time communing with the Goddess… so much joy radiated off him when his turn came…

Frater Superabo was the priest and Sister Rebecca was priestess. I served as a Child again, and now think I am really starting to get a good feel for the Mass in general. I’m looking forward to the chance to serve as Deacon in the relatively near future, and my first time may actually get to be with Richard and Hypatia serving as priest and priestess, which would be very cool for me. I still “need” to create my own “Deacon Book”.

After Mass, Sister Rebecca hosted a class on gender, sexuality, and magick which I found very interesting, and I ended up having a hundred questions as the presentation progressed. I’m a Qabbalistically minded person who tends to look at everything fractally, so while I appreciated the scientific approach to sub-categories of both sex and gender, I prefer to direct energies into uniting disparate elements… rather than just focusing on further sub-division. Still, I came away with some expanded perspectives, which I appreciate – and she had a very malleable approach to the entire subject, which I do think is likely the best approach, rather than getting hung up on which boxes you check. My two cents anyway.

After Lodge, Brother V and I decided to go into town to grab a drink and talk some more. I though we’d head over to Dougherty’s, my old watering hole from my college days. But to my despair, I found that just a week or so ago it changed management and is now some (literally) whitewashed hipster bar… with a shitty selection of drinks and no food menu at all… so I cannot recommend the place less.

But we stayed for a drink and had our conversations despite that. Brother V and I share many interests and I think many perspectives, and we spent a good long time discussing a number of topics, but I specifically enjoyed comparing with him the eastern and western astrological approaches (which really aren’t that different at their heart). He also spent some time pouring over my chart and had one or two pretty bang-on insights about me. He loved the Mass, and is very interested in attending more O.T.O. events, so I hope we haven’t seen the last of him.


Sunday 7/24/16-

Sun: Leo-

Moon: Aries-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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