I hadn’t received the call I’d expected from the Body Master yesterday, but this evening was paid a visit by the O.T.O. brother who’d come to me recently with his concerns.

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I’ll still reserve full judgment until I get the full sides of the story, but I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what went down, and why it happened. It is not proper to air Lodge business in this forum, but I sense an ugly struggle coming, and as Ombudsman I feel it is my duty to both mediate and mitigate this and the broader situation, which I can’t help but view as systemic (and troubling).

One way on another, I will set things right.

Still, I’ve also been feeling lately like it’s time to take another step/action related to the Black Knight‘s publication, but was unsure if today was the right day to follow up, so I did a Tarot reading to see if now was the time to act.


TarotPac reading re: Black Knight’s publication

I had to meditate on it a little bit, but to me much of the reading was quite clear. I absolutely know who the Knight of Cups is… in fact if you asked me to pick a single card from the entire deck to represent him, that is the card I would chose.

What To Do seems at this point to trust in Unconscious/External to still do their work, but that action (VIII of Wands) will need to be taken in the (near) Future. Acting out of the rhythm that Jenny’s working on my behalf was trying to create seems naturally counter-productive… I just hope erring on the side of patience won’t mean I miss a window of opportunity somewhere…

But of course… Jenny and I also needed to “find out what happens to O.J.” and finished up watching that season of American Crime Story.

Damn, it was good.


Thursday 8/11/16-

Sun: Leo-

Moon: Sagittarius-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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