So I sent out the next invite to my list of interested Temple of the Western Gate people. This time I opted to do one of those Doodle polls to pick the best gathering date to maximize headcount.

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I’ve gotten a few responses already (especially “The Friend’s”, who’s giving her talk so naturally I needed her availability) so right now it’s looking like we’ll hold it sometime in late February.

Again, the plan is to open the Temple with the usual Banishing, and then we’ll all be treated to a presentation on “The Friend’s” time serving as a psychic investigator assisting police in an unsolved murder (and sending souls to the Light). Once we’re done this, we’ll turn on our spirit apps (we recommend GhostRadar for our work) and with the assistance of some energy work, see if we get any communications before we send any lost spirits home. Then close up, nice and neat.

Should be interesting, but I’ve got a lot of other stuff I want to focus on before then, so I’m glad I’m not running point on the ritual this time either.

Also, after stewing on it a bit too long, I finally took steps to wrap up the last few strands of my connection to my former O.T.O. Lodge. While the Man of Earth Panel still wants my help (and I offered to do what I could) so my association with O.T.O. continues in some form that way (and not in a particularly spiritually rewarding way necessarily) I have now at least, both literally and figuratively, returned my keys to my former Temple.

Certain silences I hadn’t expected were quite loud, and I couldn’t help but be left with the feeling that one final “shot across my bow” was made as I tried a gracious exit. I’ve tried to do nothing, and if I leave it at that I’ll probably never have to think about any of this again… but like a wound that won’t heal because you keep picking at it, I still have decision “last word-wise” to make on this…


Anyway, on to more interesting things. I saw recently that Reaper‘s new quarterly miniature painting contest just got posted (and I actually have the figure this time again to participate) and so I think I’ll give it a shot again. I think I’ll try to base this guy on a character from my Blackspire RPG campaign, Sir Janus Vei the vampire knight & necromancer (figure could work for him). Perhaps I’ll have cause to use him in the upcoming web-series

Also, had a few good talks with Aaron this week about both my and his game. It’s been quite full brainstorming all manner of horrible scenarios to subject our players too. He and I have always had a nice collaborative sync, and it’s always fun to bounce ideas off one another. I also put a ton more work into the Pre-History campaign write-up, and while it still looks like I have a long way to go, I still have most of the major concepts and events noted… now I just have to flesh it out…

And, as it was the full moon, I did my usually monthly magickal “maintenance” and made new offerings to the friendly Earth spirits that protect our home and aid us in our various successful works.


I also set my cord of chakra stones out in the light of the full moon to charge. It was a bit cloudy, but hopefully they’re getting what they “need”.


Thursday 1/12/17-

Sun: Capricorn-

Moon: Leo (FULL)-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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