William Blake Lodge‘s Deputy Body-Master BJ posted a very interesting article to his blog Glory of the Stars today, and it was on a topic that’s been very much on my mind lately.

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He titled it My Polyamorous Relationship with Jesus” and though you should give it a read yourself, the crux was dealing maintaining a relationship with the Jesus figure while still being a practicing religion. I’ve not self-identified as a Christian in over two decades, but I still maintain that Christ is one of my heroes.

For those who know what’s up know “Christ” is really a title, as explained in the letters of the Pentagrammaton (Yeh-heh-shu-ah) and that (at least from a Gnostic perspective) Jesus’s message was to awake the Christ consciousness within one’s self, to be one’s own savior.He was the Piscean Age’s solar deity telling everyone to do their own Will. And Crowley’s Ra-Hoor-Khuit has declared the same for the Aquarian Age, just more directly.

So, I tell myself the Age of Aquarius is still a century plus off, so that plus my upbringing means technically I have a foot in both Aeons. Perhaps I’m here to help with a peaceful “passing of the keys” from one Aeon’s Solar deity to another… that’s what’s been on my mind lately anyway, and it was nice to see similar sentiments echoed from BJ.


Procession of the Equinoxes

But… I’ve come to realize I only have two weeks left to finish my entry for The Official Quarterly Reaper Group Bones Painting Contest so I decided tonight I’d get started.

However, since the rules of the contest clearly state “Please do not post your photos (or work in progress shots) in other forums until after this event ends”  I decided rather than risk disqualification, I’ll just post my entire how-to series of pics on September 9th when the contest ends.

That also probably means I won’t have much to show over the next few days…


Monday 8/22/16-

Sun: Leo-

Moon: Aries-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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