So, I must admit it felt nice to tackle some familiar projects this week, and while I still feel a strong change in the air still, I might just be starting to find my comfort zone in it.

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Aaron and I got another episode of Adventure Hook recorded this week which now puts two under our belt for when we launch back up with Season Two on February 11th… and gets us through the end of next month already (which is good because it’s fast approaching). This episode was a really fun premise which after an hour and a half + I still feel like we didn’t adequately cover everything you could do with it.

Since I edited the last one, it’s my turn to do the promo art for the episode. I wanted to try to capture the premise without really giving away the hook… which I’m not sure is the best way to market the actual episode, but hopefully the images are compelling enough to pique a potential listener’s interest.

We’ll see…

Adventure Hook Episode 19: The Former God’s Religion


Adventure Hook Episode 19: The Former God’s Religion

But, since Adventure Hook will be back up soon I needed to get Blackspire in order as well. Fortunately we met Jimmy for dinner this week (at Spice and Dice… still the best Thai restaurant in Baltimore) and he came by after to hang out, talk shop, and record the last few bits of audio I needed to finish Episode 18.

Which I did… so now that episode is completely edited and prepped for release. Maybe it’s not our best, but I’ve taken to being far more judicious on which parts I keep and which I cut. Especially when people break character… I want to remove that stuff whenever possible.

And of course, I made good (though judicious use) of some Cryo Chamber albums this time too.

This was also the first of the episodes when I had to rerecord some of the scenes in a latter game, and piecing them together was occasionally at best clunky (though other times were completely imperceptible… which gave me hope for the rest of the episodes).

We’re also discussing certain changes to the overall direction of the Blackspire podcast… including a few possibilities that are incredibly exciting… but too early to mention just yet.

I do see some signs of synchronicity though… but I’ll say no more on that at this time…

I was also pleased to hear on Ground Crew Command Radio and Cobra that the eclipse mass meditation was considered a major success. We’re now that much closer to Full Disclosure and even planet-wide liberation… at least spiritually speaking…

Brother Enlil has been reporting especially positive results since the eclipse and while I’ve noticed a few changes as well, I kind of feel like I’ve some catching up to do. I kind of always feel that way really. And there’s so much work top be done this year, with so much riding on it, I just can’t seem to relax like I normally could… maybe that’s a clue that I shouldn’t… I know everything will work out just fine in the end, but I can’t help but feel a little intimidated by the year ahead… and that’s enough said on that for sure.

And finally this weekend we had some old friends over for dinner, and Jenny cooked us up another great meal featuring just a small portion of the plethora of veggies she got in this week’s blue bag from Gather Baltimore. We estimate there was easily over $50 worth of perfectly fine produce (that would have otherwise been just thrown away) for just $9. Such a great service too.

But anyway after dinner our friends introduced us the the Kickstarter sensation card game Exploding Kittens (which of course I took to immediately dissecting to understand its game mechanics) and while it was definitely fun, with just enough strategy to keep it interesting, we eventually also turned to an old favorite and played some Cards Against Humanity as well…

And now I have to decide what to try and tackle next… the next Blackspire episode or try editing the next Magick lecture video. To my dismay, Lightworks was crashing each time I worked on edits of the 202: Formula of Ritual and I eventually gave up in frustration. And since my subscribers keep rising and comments continue to trickle in, perhaps that deserves more attention again.

If I can keep my frustration in check it might even be workable again…

We’ll see…


Sunday 1/27/19-

Sun: Aquarius–

Moon: Scorpio (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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