I’ve kept my nose to the grindstone and have kept my focus on creating material for podcast purposes.

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Adventure Hook Episode 3: The Lights in the Woods went live in the main stream this week, and I think it’s one of our strongest shows so far.

Episode 3: The Lights in the Woods

Aaron is taking over editing duties on Episode 4: The Unprovisioned Town (releasing June 25th), and I actually finished up the edits on Episode 5: The Mysterious Item (releasing July 9th) this week, which might be our best show to date. And (since I rolled a 6 on the chart below) we’ll be recording Episode 6: The Assassination Target (releasing July 23rd) next week (on the Summer Solstice actually) and I’d like us to work on getting even farther ahead than that… though we definitely need more listener submitted suggestions to our d20 lists.

I also finally managed to plow through and complete my edits on the Episodes 3 and 4 of Blackspire: Season Zero. As they both cover the character backgrounds of the initial PCs I thought it made sense to have them available back-to-back (though I don’t actually have any backers at that level to unlock them yet). Still, it feels good to have that done and out there, even though the prospects of what the climb to the summit of Season Zero will eventually entail is still quite daunting.

Back Blackspire Studios on Patreon and hear the fully produced Season Zero

Also, Garrett (Blackspire’s Jolly Paul) came over this week and I was able to get him to record a few Intro and Outro bits I needed from him, and so now I have what I need to not only finish up Season 1: Episodes 4 – 6, but also the Patreon exclusive episodes that will contain Jolly Paul’s backstory. At this point I confidently have completed content to take me through releases through the end of July, and I have plenty more raw material yet un-edited that can take me much farther.

Almost too far. I’ve got enough Season 1 material already recorded to take me to Episode 18. It almost makes me want to release weekly, but then I tell myself that’ll probably start to work against my favor faster than I’d like without any payoff (if you consider Adventure Hook releasing opposite weeks to Blackspire is me releasing weekly). Plus I’d made weekly releases one of my Patreon tier goals, and while I know it’s a very bold goal (at a bold level) I just have to give it the opportunity to manifest.

Also, looks like Blackspire is now showing on a new Podcatcher service called List Notes, which is cool. Hopefully I’ll see them pop in my Analytics at some point.


Also, the time had come, and while I don’t 100% love the sound quality of the first episode’s recording where this was taken from, the players’ back-and-forth content is such a nice summation of the setting’s theme (as well as being a conversation where every person around the table spoke at least once) that it really did make the perfect excerpt to make a teaser video.

So yeah, I finally put the finishing touches on that in LightWorks and put it up on YouTube.


And I also did my best to give it the social media push, but really I’m not finding much traction there. Self-promotional success is not in the stars for me, so I know I need to work seven times as hard at it to have any hope at all. Which really means I need to manifest someone whose better at it than me and wants to do it for me, I guess…

However, since I finally have enough content “out there” to be considered a “real show” I’ve started reaching out to other podcasts out there, to see who might be interested in collaborating with me at some point. I’ve got a good feeling in this regard.

But, I’ve also been feeling of late that I’ve been neglecting my illustration roots, and so I’ve decided to do character sketches of each of the core Player Characters of the White Hydra Mercenaries. Eventually, I’ll scan each of them into Photoshop to clean them up, and perhaps even drop them into ArtRage and paint them. The plan would be to turn them all into one big cast poster that I can use for the podcast’s various landing pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pateron, etc…). Lots of other podcasts do this in one form or another, and I can probably produce something of slightly higher quality than the average podcast, perhaps… and so since it’s in my power, I may as well.

Thus far I’ve (generally) finished the drawings of G’eldatar D’Vosh, Jolly Paul, Stormtooth, and Maelik Kileam (though MKKM still needs more work). This leaves Solina, St. Jezebel, and of course BISHAMONTEN, but I’ll get to them eventually.

And, since she’s wanted it long enough, this week I also painted our kitchen the new, sexy red that Jenny had picked out. We both really love the color and think it really classes up the joint… especially on “artisanal pizza night”…

And it’s been long enough that I’ve stopped counting how long its been since I’ve have a cigarette, and while I do continue to vape, I’m using less and less these days, and missing tobacco less and less as well… though certainly not entirely. And (I haven’t stopped counting) it’s been almost three weeks since the passing of our poor cat Grimmy, and while the pain of that is less pronounced, I don’t feel like I miss him any less. Everyone in the house feels his absence, perhaps the other cats most of all.

We all miss him and things can never be like they were when he was still with us. But, life goes on, and with the New Moon upon us and Summer around the corner, perhaps it’s time for a new brightness to begin.


Tuesday 6/13/18-

Sun: Gemini–

Moon: Gemini (New)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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