After meditating on it and waiting to receive (mid-ritual) what I perceived as a signal it was finally time, I went ahead and pinged the Knight of Cups. Fingers crossed…

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This evening I decided it was time to expand my knowledge a bit further, and focus more on hypnosis training. I really am in love and am fascinated with the elegant simplicity of the discipline.

I hit YouTube again, and absorbed a evening’s worth of lectures, interviews,and workshop demonstrations. While I’m still getting my head around all the fundamentals, I continue to be pleased to see how much of my own magickal training has already tackled a lot of the concepts I encounter… albeit from a more clinical perspective (which I definitely appreciate).

Jenny was right to encourage me in this direction, as I am really starting to appreciate what a true art form Hypnosis is… there is a literal poetry to the selection of words to suggest to the unconscious mind… which is exactly the same as one would do when writing out a spell’s intended result.

This magickal perspective also sometimes has me indignantly yelling at the screen, where I feel it is in fact they who are missing something crucial. But what can I expect… scientifically minded people to view the Unconscious mind (functionally) as a wholly separate entity (e.g. the Holy Guardian Angel)? No, of course not…


But I do think I have a much bigger pallet of possibility to play with that perhaps the average hypnotherapist would. The potential of all this is very exciting to me.

I still have a lot to learn, but as Jenny’s ultimate goal for me learning this was so they she and I could start doing scrying/channeling together, while I’m not ready for anything like that just yet, soon we’ll be ready to start with some simple experiments with her to gauge the correct path of suggestibility.

She knew I’d have a talent for it and herself thinks she’d be an excellent hypnosis subject, and so we would fulfill the Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly roles in this equation. Without (she joked) us running the risk of needing to wife-swap and ruin the whole spirit communication enterprise…

My wife is awesome.


Monday 8/15/16-

Sun: Leo-

Moon: Capricorn-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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