This week has unquestionably been one of the hardest I’ve had to go through in a great many years. In a way it doesn’t seem right to share, and in another it feels wrong to stay silent.

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First, the new episode of Adventure Hook went live yesterday and so hopefully people will give it a listen.

Episode 2: An Item Coveted by All

Secondly while the Blackspire pilot is starting to get some listens…

Fresh Blood From A Stone: Pt 1 (S01E01)

And I’ve finished up the first round of edits on the next two episodes of the Patreon exclusive Season Zero material, I just can’t bring myself to care too terribly much about any of that right now.

After his long battle with illness, we saw signs this week that it was time to let our poor cat Grimalkin, AKA “Grimmy” go. We did our best to give him a really nice last few days, and the day of turned out to be somehow ideal. The weather was exceptionally pleasant, and as his long care vet Harborside Mobile makes house calls, we were able to do it here. Dr. Hawkins was incredible as usual and, all things considered, the process was as painless as possible. Grimmy was able to drift off to sleep surrounded by his loved ones and by sundown he was gone.

Jenny and I have both been feeling some pretty intense grief, and while I’d not invite a comparison to those who’ve lost actual human family, I cannot even imagine how profound that level of suffering must be if this is what I feel over the loss of a cat. I’ve wept move over him the past week than I have for all my past human funerals combined.

Grimmy was an exceptional cat, though. I know people always say that about their pets, but we lived with six incredibly unique cats for many years now, and I can say that Grimmy was still exceptional.

He’s been with me almost as long as Jenny has, as he’s been her best friend since he was a little kitten… years before we’d even met. At the time I’d asked Jenny to move in with me back in 2008, I’d been deathly allergic to cats my entire life up to that point, but Grimmy was a package deal, so he moved in when she did.

It was a rough first week (even with top-notch antihistamines) but determined to make the best of it, I suffered through the allergies… and somehow miraculously, by the end of the week I was no longer having reactions.

Somehow, Grimmy had cured me. Enough that eventually we went from one cat to six.

Grimmy, taken around the Winter Solstice 2009

But, like I said, he was exceptional… Grimmy was highly intuitive, especially with Jenny, and could always sense her moods… especially when she needed some extra comfort. He was also the most in tune with when she was going to be getting home from work.

Psychic, you could say… though he’s not unique among cats for this…

Grimmy blissed out on Jenny’s lap

He always seemed to be the height of cool, and though I could write forever about all his little idiocyncratic traits, a picture is worth a 100 words, so just take a glimpse into his soulful eyes, and maybe you’ll get a sense of what a privilege it was to live with the Universe’s coolest cat.

Grimmy cat, old soul

The disease accelerated quickly towards the end, and Grimmy struggled to even feed himself. At Dr. Hawkin’s suggestion, we even got him a vial of CBD oil from Innovet which we added to his meals, and noticed some pretty significant relief for him afterwards. It certainly improved Grimmy’s quality of life, and we cannot recommend it highly enough as a solution for any other suffering pets out there…

Our little Leo

I’ve naturally had Spirit on my mind quite a bit of late, and am only reminded of how little work in the arena of the Temple of the Western Gate I’ve focused on lately. We’ve done lots of Light work for Grimmy though, including on the day of his passing. In truth, while I won’t share the truly private/personal side of the insights that have come from this experience, I see now how this too is connected to the TotWG work, and now (like it or not) in essence our home has become a permanent astral beacon.

Kind of like an eternal sunbeam any who find it can bask in until they’re ready to ride it home.

Jenny too had Spirit on the brain, and this weekend suggested we break out our Ghost Radar apps to do a quick ITC session. I received some very synchronistic responses that coincided with some things I’d been currently meditating on at the time (and reinforced some of what I’d already been dwelling on)… but the most telling thing about that session I’m loathe to even mention.

See… at the same time I’d been trying to capture video of our (former alley cat) Isis growling at the thunder for Dr. Hawkins who’d asked for us to capture the phenomenon if we could. The second my camera started recording though, Jenny and I could both see huge swarms of orbs all around us through the lens. I guess it was little surprise given how much Light work we’d been up to lately, but I was getting serious, immediate responses as well. I’d pointed the camera towards my altar, and each time I asked for an orb to appear there, one showed up on camera immediately. I was incredibly excited, I’d never seen anything like it. Not even activating the camera for that reason, I was delighted to have such evidence drop right in my lap.

Of course… for some inexplicable, infuriating reason, my “ancient” iPhone 3 decided not to actually save the couple minutes long video. Poof… gone… just like that. Hence why I was loath to even bring it up, as I can’t show what I saw.

So while Jenny would certainly back me up, regardless you’re still forced to take our words alone, which is not something I expect a reasonable person to do. Instead I just have to take it as Spirit putting on a little show for me and Jenny, perhaps to assuage our grief over Grimmy somewhat.

Still… I’ll take it, though I know I’ll always think of it as “the one that got away”.

Grimmy sleeping in a sunbeam


Today’s monthly Abundance ritual was particularly trying, as it was hard to feel Abundance when there was a Scarcity of Grimmy. But, I do feel blessed to have known that amazing cat for as long as I did, and now will make celebrating the magickal lessons I’ve learned from him part of that monthly operation.

Jenny brought his ashes back from the pet crematorium today, so now he’s home with us… though the world just seems slightly duller without him running around in it.

Goodbye, Grimmy… Goodbye.


Tuesday 5/29/18-

Sun: Gemini–

Moon: Sagittarius (Full)

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