I am still feeling great today, and this morning I went into the chiropractor with a confidence that he was going to see some improvement (I’m crediting my new talisman).

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And sure enough Dr. Walp commented that my lower back felt “a lot better” and he was even able to crack my shoulder, which is something that’s never “popped up before”. Since my neck and shoulders are one big knot of tension I take that as a good sign. Good news, considering he wasn’t so pleased with my last round of x-rays.

Also, Frater Superabo has recently turned me onto this interesting substance called ormus. I did my own research, and decided to give it a try. I ordered a bottle of the energetically charged “Messiah” blend from Sacred Supplements. My wife and I will both be sampling it, and I’ll know for sure if it’s working if I start lucid dreaming. Today’s Day 1, but I’m taking it in really small doses to start with before taking the full two teaspoons a day. My intention is for this fifth state material of “solid astral light” to be absorbed by my body to transform me into my optimal magickal self.

Jenny also helped me to perform our monthly Abundance Jar renewal ritual. We had a bunch of left over alcohol offerings from our guests this weekend, so I added some new flavors to the mix (still keeping it to five different ones). I performed the Qabbalistic Ankh, the LIRP, the LIRH, the GMP, and after the aeration and prayer of thanks to our familiar Earth spirits, I closed with the Collect for the End and the Qabbalistic Ankh again.

She ran the Ghost Radar app, but did it on mute so as to not distract me, and the results weren’t great, so next time I think she needs to engage in actual conversation, and I need to focus on performing the GAMP, specifically the Circumambulation of Light. For those interested, a full description of the Qabbalistic Ankh ritual can be found in my complete Thelemic Tea Ceremony write up.

Aaron called me again this evening. His game is tonight and he wanted to run the plausibility of some last minute clues/twists by me. I couldn’t talk too long but we solved his issue and he’s ready to game.


Monday 2/22/16

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Virgo (FULL)

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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