So, after my talk with Aaron the other day, I’ve been trying to decide on what to do with the final rules system for my Blackspire game.

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I’ve been a loyal Pathfinder player since their Beta days, and have long used it as the backbone of my Blackspire campaign (since converting it over from 3.5 many years ago). However, Aaron suggested that based on Amazon sales, that Dungeons & Dragons 5.0 has much higher sales than Pathfinder, and thus the RPG web-series will likely have a wider draw as a result if we use that system.

Additionally, since my campaign relies so heavily on D&D IPs, it would likely cover my ass in that department more succinctly.

I put it to the B.R.U.W. crew for their feedback, and one of my players is going to lend me some rule books to review. Regardless of what I decide, we’re already going to be playing with a ton of house rules so it wouldn’t seem such a big deal to lift some new mechanics from 5.0 and “make it official”.

Specifically it sounds like the new mechanics for granting Advantage/Disadvantage in different circumstances, as well as a new personality trait matrix are all things I could incorporate without too much trouble. I’ll need to so some research, but I already think I’m probably going to make a switch of some kind… how much remains to be seen…





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For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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