So this year proves itself to have been a very interesting one, with many ups and downs and challenges both behind and before me still… but all in all I think it was a pretty productive one…

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To start with, the Maryland Yulefest was a blast and it was great to spend a day among “my people”. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed each band in the lineup, and I also got a chance to touch base with fellow occultist John Harford whose band Teshaleh was among the more latter acts to perform that night.

Teshaleh at the Maryland Yulefest

I thought they did a really great job and their first recording is due out in February, which they’re taking pre-orders on now (and I’m definitely psyched for).

Still, I must admit Tengger Cavalry sorta blew the doors off the place… and all in all it was a great night of metal.

Tengger Cavalry at the Maryland Yulefest


Tengger Cavalry at the Maryland Yulefest

Additionally, I was pleased to get some positive feedback from someone who’d attended my lecture at the Theosophical Society. While it’s not my place to comment about it here, she reports having some interesting success with sigil/candle work after the talk, and I’m pleased to have been of service to her in that regard.

Jenny and I also spent Christmas day at my sister’s in DC with the rest of my immediate family and we all had a really nice day… and surprised each other with some really nice, impressive, and thoughtful gifts… which it really doesn’t feel right to blog about, except for the fact that everyone chipped in and bought me a full 3D printer kit! Holy crap!

The implications for this are potentially endless… unfortunately the item arrived completely un-assembled and without any instructions at all. It looks like a job similar to building a computer from scratch… and I thought just the challenge of learning a whole bunch of 3D software was the intimidating part. Still, that’s something to look forward to understanding in 2019..!

We also finally met the Pop from the Mom and Pop Vaper’s Edge place where Jenny and I get our gear. He recommended a new juice (Vaptasia’s Royalty II) that had become his new favorite, and now Jenny and I concur… it’s our new favorite too. For anyone looking to quit smoking and move to a vape, I can honestly say this stuff can help you do it fairly easily. Believe me, once you make the switch, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is… it made me regret not trying sooner…

I’ve also been in discussions with our good friend Rob/Brother Enlil this week, and we’ve been floating around ideas of us doing a podcast together. I talk around concepts of magick and the occult throughout both Blackspire and Adventure Hook, which is a great way to get people’s curiosity piqued, but outside of my lecture series, I don’t really talk about it directly. And there’s so much more to talk about…

Disclosure. UFOs. Occult clarification for the Mass Consciousness. Ghosts & Dimensions. The Law of One and the Mandela Effect just to name a few, are all topics near and dear to my heart (and of late I’ve felt more led to talk about) that I really don’t have the platform for. And which he also has quite a bit to say…

Plus while we two have a lot in common, where we diverge (namely his talents for math and music) also means that he’ll be willing to run point on all things sound-related for the podcast, and I’ll manage the episode hosting with my current “infrastructure” which can only help things sound-wise (plus saves me the editing duties). And of course we’ll call it the “Temple of the Western Gate”… though perhaps “Occult Disclosure” is a bit more on the nose. Perhaps too much so… maybe it should just be a byline…

Lots to think about and discuss first, but this could actually end up being my best way for me to make what I know be of service. I’m sure there will be more on that in future posts.

I’ve also been going through the raw material I’ve collected from my two most recent talks at the Theosophical Society and trying to figure out how to structure them into some half decent videos for YouTube. I’ll get there, but right now it feels like an uphill battle.

Yet sure enough, I was happy to hear from The Friend this week, who wanted to ask about my lecture and we got to talking about the more ritual get-together side of the Temple of the Western Gate thing… end even offered us her unique visionary services… which I’m inclined to take her up on.

She also asked me if I might be interested in giving a talk for the local IONS group, which I hesitate at, but how can I really say no? Still, we’re going to put that off until at least the Spring, as I have far too many irons in the fire already to worry about another talk just now. Yet, knowing The Friend this is likely a sign that Spirit has other plans regardless, but given she had some telling assurances for some private challenges I’ve recently been concerned about, I probably owe her one anyway…

And Jenny decided she wanted to spend a little bit of her holiday bonus and took us to Urban Axes which she’d been to before with a friend, but was my first time.


Like anything else even marginally “Viking-like”… Jenny and I both kinda took to it immediately… and I can even now reveal that the Christmas gift I’d secretly gotten for her was her own axe she could use to practice throwing at home. And in a weird quirk of synchronicity, one of the women who joined our group had brought the very same axe to throw with. I’d specifically gotten this one because it was not NAFT regulation, but they didn’t seem to care and let her use it.

It threw beautifully, and I know Jenny is anxious to try hers out now.

As for me now, looking back on 2018 I have to say it was a great year, better than the one before it, and I fully expect 2019 to be even better and more exciting still. This time last year I was thinking about the advice I was given by The Friend concerning the three spiritual virtues I’m here to work on, and in the ways I’ve both met and failed at tests of all of them throughout the year.


Hard Work.


No doubt 2019 will hold a great many more challenges that will test these traits further still.

Let me meet them all in a way that makes me proud.


Let me always know the right thing to do, and have the will to do it.

May I always be of sound physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

May there be peace in my home and in my relationships.

I and my comrades are worthy of infinite success.

I grasp the Key of the Psychonaut!

I grasp the Key to (REDACTED)!



Saturday 12/29/18-

Sun: Capricorn–

Moon: Libra (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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