It would seem that the HGA was the theme of the day. A number of times today I was confronted with the concept of a person’s Holy Guardian Angel and of obtaining K&C (Knowledge and Conversation) with one’s own HGA. Enough that I’d say I noticed a pattern…

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Among Jenny’s many recent insights, she reported seeing a vision of us and our circle of friends, and standing behind some of us were glowing white figures. We interpreted this that some of us are already in contacts with our HGAs and the circle is to bring all off us into K&C with our own, and for all of us to further accomplish the Great Work in concert. This relationship could also be interpreted as something similar to the Great White Brotherhood, the Council of Secret Chiefs, etc.

Jenny seems to thing the magic number of this group is eight members (she can’t name them all), but definitely two of these friends, Soror Queaseitor In Pace and Brother Rob (who now goes by Frater Enlil Ka Akh)… at least based on what they’ve each mentioned to us individually, it’s quite possible their HGAs were already acquainted, and that their their meeting during Saturday’s ritual was really on an inevitable collision course.

Now, ever since I was very young I learned to trust my instincts. When I was sure I could predict an outcome because I’d “just know”, I’d go with it and typically discover I was right. I always trust that intuition will be there whenever I need it, and so in many ways it’s such a part of my behavior that I have trouble “listening for it” sometimes…

I suppose this is my way of admitting I’ve had limited success gaining actual knowledge and conversation with my own Holy Guardian Angel. That’s not to say I haven’t had a few very poignant meditation sessions where I do believe I was shown important things by him… things that did go on to further shape my practice… but compared to say Enlil’s regular and ongoing relationship with his… that stretches back to his early childhood, I honestly don’t even compare.

So, (perhaps feeling a little jealous/inadequate) I ended up writing down a few questions in my magickal journal for my HGA today. My hope is that at least intuition will lead me to those answers. I really debated including that content here, but I do have to admit, considering what I’m doing with this blog, that sometimes “sorry, that’s a secret” isn’t really a fair approach for me to take, even when said information is personal… so I suppose an abridged version of the concepts I wrote down should be included here, as who knows, they might prove to be insightful down the line.

  • What magickal incentives can I create for the Serial Artist Kickstarter for it to reach its maximum potential for success?
  • How do I “hit my reset button” and catch the “next wind”.
  • What can I do to help close this circle of HGAs?


This evening however, I fulfilled my duty as William Blake Lodge‘s Man of Earth Representative and I had my first of two interviews with a female candidate for the position of Man of Earth Delegate for Ordo Templi Orientis. Now this is something that I’m sworn not to discuss outside of the nominating panel, but I will say I did find the Sister to be bright, organized, and more than qualified for the role as Delegate. I have a second interview tomorrow, and will then be able to compare and contrast the two candidates in my write-ups for the panel.

Tonight though, I finally had the chance to catch up with Frater Superabo, and was brought up to speed on all the ghastly details of his recent bout of surgery… to whit I can only say it seemed to me that perhaps his condition was perhaps a physical expression of all this retrograde stuff that’s been going on. Tonight he claims was the first time he was able to laugh without pain, so it would appear he’s on the mend.

He ended up doing his own Solstice ceremony in his secret outdoor temple, but I know he’ll additionally benefit from our Solstice ritual as well, as he was involved (and entangled) even if he wasn’t there in person. And as I’m sure he’s “one of them”, I also talked with him a bit about Jenny’s “circle of friends and their HGAs” vision, and he agreed that it all made sense in terms of the trajectory we all seem to be on, and that he’s been riding something of a similar current. He’s felt the change in the air since the Solstice as well.

Something big is coming.


Wednesday 6/22/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Aquarius-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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