So, I definitely think I was overthinking needing a special tool to make the circles on the angelic sigils on my wand, as I could accomplish the same effect by carefully placing the copper piece where I needed it, and just using the burnishing head of my iron.

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Something has led me to want to make some kind of talisman for the woman I met at the chiropractor the other day, as her connection to the Archangel Michael that she mentioned to me, along with me currently working on a Fire Wand was just to apropos to ignore. Plus it would give me a chance to experiment with the wood burning circles (as well as with the new wood stain I recently purchased for this project).


So, I was a little careless and ended up burning some sections of the wand I didn’t intend to (I’ll sand them out), but with some care I was generally able to get this process to work, and went all the way up and around the shaft of the wand and got each of the sigils started.


Then it was on to a different attachment for the wood burner and I did all the straight sections of the angelic sigils, as well as the elongated Hebrew letter Yod all around the wand’s base and tip (and my personal sigil as well).


Then, to first practice with the stain, I started with the piece of wood I’m using for the Michael talisman (you can see where I burned in the Archangels personal emblem and sigil according to the Rose Cross). I chose Varathane’s Cabernet wood stain, which was the reddest stain I could find, and a quick application to the talisman (cut from the same wood as the wand) was enough to color me satisfied it would work for my sacred weapon.


And in my opinion, it did…


I’m going to let it dry overnight, but I think this will work nicely for a Fire Wand, and while I think staining the wood does make the sigils harder to see, I’ll be picking those symbols out in metallic paint (likely copper to match the nails) and I think they’ll pop quite nicely once I do that.

And, since the flash paper I set aside to dry out was more than ready after 24 hours, I thought I’d test it out today, and used my sigil of Infinite Fraternal Success (this means you) so… don’t blink…




Saturday 6/4/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Taurus-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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