It’s Independence Day today, but the rain gods seemed to have had other plans for local firework displays as it’s been pouring most of the day. Not that will stop many of my neighbors. It sounds like a war zone around here for the weeks leading up to and after the Fourth of July.

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So, even with a nice drizzle going the explosions were ongoing, and General and the kittens were kind of freaked out (and Grimmy just hid like he always does when there’s “thunder” outside).

Still, at one point General noticed the kitty reflected in the chrome of my office chair, and I caught him trying to paw his twin and jumping back. Realizing this was an ideal moment to try to capture for my own selfish purposes, I started a video recording, but as soon as the spotlight came on, General was suddenly interested in the one-eared cat shadow that appeared on the wall behind him.

I’d almost given up, but Osiris came over to say hello so I though cuteness might still ensue, and while I was filming them I noticed a huge bright orb whizz past (on the screen, not before my eyes). This isn’t the first time I’ve caught an orb while filming our little magick kitties, so I kept it running for a bit more.

You can see for yourself the first appearance at 00:14 is basically unmistakable, but upon watching the whole video some more, I noticed two seconds later a second little orb followed after the first (or perhaps it literally was the first orb’s ectoplasmic wake..?). And finally there’s a third orb appearance at 00:42 seconds down on the lower left corner.

Here are some screen shots I took of the first orb. It flies by so fast it shows as a blur.

Snapshot 1 (7-4-2016) Snapshot 2 (7-4-2016) Snapshot 3 (7-4-2016)

Now, the appearance of the “wake” at 00:16. I show here a literal split-second before and after so you can see the difference as it flies by General’s head.

Snapshot 4 (7-4-2016)Snapshot 5 (7-4-2016)

Circled. It’s still hard to see I know…

Snapshot 5 (7-4-2016) circle

Orb #3. Also went by super-fast. I guess spirits just like photo-bombing my cats…

Snapshot 6 (7-4-2016)

Snapshot 7 (7-4-2016)

Judge for yourself, but I think it’s pretty cool.

After filming, I was sure to recite the Collect for the End from Liber XV for any wandering spirits who may have dropped by seeking the Light, and asked Archangel Michael to guide them home and unite them with their Higher Selves.


I try to make this part of my regular ritual routine for normal energetic “house cleaning” but I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t been as regular as I should be about it, lately.


Monday 7/4/16-

Sun: Cancer-

Moon: Cancer (NEW)-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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