So, today’s Memorial Day, and since we all had the day off, and the 18th of June is fast approaching, Jenny and I made the trip out to Hagerstown this afternoon to visit Soror Queaseitor In Pace and begin our first group run-through of my script for the Solstice ritual.

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Seeing her is always a blast, and we spent all evening running through the lines, and discussing the symbolism of all the words and gestures that I included in the ritual. She had also been present for the initial performance of the Thelemic Tea Ceremony I’d written for the Temple of the Western Gate event we hosted a while back, so some of the parts were at least partly familiar to her (I have changed quite a bit, it’s basically a completely separate ritual now). I’m honestly touched at how serious Soror Q.I.P. is taking her role as Gabriel and the ritual in general. With Jenny as Uriel, Wimsaur as Raphael, and Frater Superabo as Michael, I think we’re up to something special here…

I also entrusted to her the care of the Abundance water I’d prepared for the ritual, and suggested she set it on a south-facing windowsill so as to best receive the full day’s sunlight and the full night’s moonlight. I’d been giving the bottle a quarter turn every day so as to increase the directions the light is hitting the water, words, sigils, and especially gemstones within… for what I hope will be maximum charging effect. As Soror Q.I.P. also has a particularly personal relationship with the Archangel Gabriel herself, I imagine she’ll be doing her own energy work on the water… all prior to the actual charging operation of the ritual the actual day of the event mind you… the final result should be pretty powerful. That’s the plan anyway.

It’s an hour and a half drive each way from Baltimore to Hagerstown, so we had to say our goodbyes earlier than we’d have liked, and headed home.

I actually didn’t think to take any pictures today, so I’ll just (shamelessly) post some cute pictures of my cat Isis, since today Jenny told one of her favorite stories of the Prophet Mohammad and his love for cats being the reason why tabbys’ foreheads are marked with an “M”.


The Nazis ruined the swastika for everybody, I’m not letting Da’esh ruin the name of the goddess Isis… no matter what weird looks the veterinarians gives us when we tell them her name…


She’s still so little, it’s hard to believe she’s (probably) almost a year old now (and it’s been over six months since we rescued her from our literal alley), especially because now her twin brother Osiris is almost twice her size. That’s OK, she can stay little forever.


Look at that love in her eyes. When I see this, I see Bastet behind them. Jenny definitely has a special relationship with that goddess, and we were sent these magick kitties because of that, I think…


Monday 5/30/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Pisces-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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