So… I’ll try to keep this post short as I don’t have a ton to report this week, other than I’ve hit my fair share of speed bumps that at least I’m glad didn’t end up being actual roadblocks.

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Things continue to prove unconventionally challenging for many of the esoteric folks we know, but we seem to always band together when we need each other and so much the better for it. And with Venus hanging out in Pisces until next month, it may be time to show some love to our wild imagination.

As seems to happen, once again this blog site was down for a few days. Did you notice? I hope not. I also hope it didn’t interfere with anyone’s podcast listening experience, but regardless at least it’s back up and running for well and good for the foreseeable future at the very least.

For my part, I was also happy to have recorded another episode of Adventure Hook with Aaron this week, this one we focused mainly on an adventure we pulled from the gaming publication Rolled & Told (published by Lion Forge) that matched up with the outside suggestion so closely, I simply chalked it up to synchronicity.

I’ll be doing the edits for this episode on top of the promo image, as I’m really anxious to get the last of my Red Moon recordings in so I can get those edits done, and Aaron will get his Finott parts knocked out soon since I’m tackling this editing responsibility. Plus as there’s a chance more could come out of it, I’ll feel better having control over the final presentation of the audio.

And additionally in preparation for our upcoming Legend Lore “Ravenloft master-class” live-stream (while doing a little work on a statue painting project I’ve been plugging away on) I listened to the free audiobook (giving Audible a trial run) of the novel I, Strahd… which I’ve owned a paperback copy of since the mid-90’s, but couldn’t really justify the time it’d take to actually re-read the thing this week with so much else needing my attention… so re-absorbing it this way felt like two birds nailed with one stone.

Still… I had my notebook handy and kept my hard copy nearby in case I needed to look up a detail or two as I listened along, and all in all that worked quite nicely. I feel quite prepared to talk about the character of the vampire Strahd, starting with the way he is viewed through legend, through the eyes of his enemies, his allies, and finally in his own eyes…

And I still struggle with the marketing side of things… WordPress should have ways to link up with the Instagram account I constantly forget about, but I think I’ve managed to embed my feed using a handy widget I downloaded…

Now I just need to keep up with it (and probably add some Blackspire Studios miniatures to the feed too). Though Instgram seems to be a smartphone-centric app, as on my desktop there’s not even a simple way to add new images to my feed… I may have to do some juggling still (tech integration my ass). Still I may start to include the Instagram feed at the bottom of each new post I write going forward as well.

This week naturally also marks the release of the latest Blackspire episode on Patreon (Kingdom Before the Walls: Part 2) as well as the latest Adventure Hook episode (Let Their Guard Down) in iTunes.


Both are pretty decent episodes, but I noticed a 5 star review for Blackspire in iTunes today that really just made my day. And despite whatever, I crested 600 YouTube subscribers this week (meaning just 400 more until my first landmark tier).

Jenny’s been encouraging me to make more videos (the next one possibly on the Tarot) and while technically there’s a Part 2 I could create for Magick 202: The Formula of Ritual as well, I’ll admit to having a hard time getting my heart into the idea right now.

Maybe that’s not the point, but from my point of view I’m getting nervous about the need for more Blackspire material, and particularly I’ve been focused on prep work for the next gaming session I’ll be running over the weekend. It’s a chance to wrap up a bunch of loose ends, as well as creating some (if not all) of that new content for Patreon.

I haven’t decided how to actually split it all up yet (probably actually need the actual content first), but that coupled with the next side session I’ll also be running for Jim next week should hopefully pad my episode quiver through May’s releases (though I’ll still actually have to edit those shows of course).

But, Jenny and I did take some time out over the weekend to go see the new Jordan Peele horror movie Us, which was far more symbolic than Get Out, with layers of symbolism that had us both thinking (and talking about) long after the movie was over.

One thing about the film I found particularly interesting, was the introduction of the concept of synchronicity, particularly 11:11… and while it’s used more in Us as a horror trope (a countdown to doom) rather than as an element of manifestation (though meaningful coincidence) still there’s no telling what impact introducing those ideas into the mass unconsciousness might have over time.

Let’s just insist here and now it be positive.


Thursday 3/28/19-

Sun: Aries–

Moon: Capricorn (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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