Leave it for Mercury to go retrograde for certain previously blocked things to start clicking once more. Hermes will be moon-walking until the end of the month, and really I couldn’t be finer with it.

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I just realized the moon-walking reference may be in poor taste. Jenny and I watched that new two-part documentary Leaving Neverland this week, and as shocking as the allegations may seem… sadly neither of us were really surprised (except perhaps the extent of the criminality engaged in). I think it’s pretty clear the King of Pop has been dethroned…

But anyway, notice anything different about this site? Naturally it appears WordPress is updated (5.1.1) in a way that completely re-jiggers its interface. While I’m sure in the long run it’ll be an improvement in many ways, right now I find myself bending beneath yet another learning curve, and I’m already finding things about the new tools I don’t like (and it still won’t remember past URLs like it did in FireFox)… particularly considering the fact I’ll probably wind up having to reformat every single page on this site if I want the embedded materials to work correctly with the new upgrades.

Mercury in Retrograde

Since Mercury is in retrograde, it’s likely the prefect time to consider doing just that anyway. After a few years this site likely needs an overhaul (and I’m hardly the best web designer) to say nothing of other stuff like my Redbubble site and the like that probably needs attention.

Tags, meta-textual stuff, categories and the like all make my head swim, but for the Google web crawlers to take pity on me and lead others to my door, I may have to adjust my thinking that much more.

Ugh… I just want to make stuff. Self promotion appears (as ever) to be an oxymoron to me.

Sir Hammish and his trusty dire corgi mount Steve (both mounted and unmounted versions)

Jim had a few touch up requests on the final versions of the miniatures he’d commissioned, which I was only too happy to do. Though in truth, even though the changes were minor, I didn’t actually re-shoot them in my light box, so the pics you’ll see on my Blackspire Studios page are only about 99% finished.

Jim had stopped by this week not only to pick up his figures, but also to record a little Blackspire one on one side session with me. In preparation I even statted out a handful of NPCs in HeroLab I thought I might need for the game sooner or later. We didn’t end up actually needing them, and while I’d hoped to get at least two good episodes out of that session, unfortunately altogether we only recorded about an hour and a half’s worth. I’d seriously considered making two 45 minute episodes out of the session, but not a whole lot happens in the first half or so, and so it makes for a better episode overall to keep it whole.

We’ll need to schedule a follow up session, but in truth we ended up having a whole initial 20 some minute conversation about Jim’s experience with the setting and the game in general which will only be heard on the Patreon version of the Raw episode of Season 1 – Episode 23: BISHAMONTEN’s Big Day Out (Part 1) which I finished up the edits for in short order this week and is now scheduled for release next week..

I also finished up the edits on Episode 22 of Adventure Hook which I’m still quite pleased with. It won’t be out until April, but even the episode text and show notes are done, so that one is in the bag. I’ve also been handling updates to our d20 list of episode ideas, and I’ve managed to get a few vocal #RPGHook submitters (including a few podcasters) to lend us their suggestions. Our list is looking pretty solid, with only a handful of our original ideas still there.

And on that note, we plan to record Episode 23 next week, and the topic we rolled…

A stolen gnomish flying machine has be bombarding the countryside and the PCs must construct their own to end the threat. 

…reminded me very closely of an RPG resource called Rolled & Told (specifically issue #1) that is published by Lion Forge. I even reached out to that company to let them know of my intention to feature their book fairly heavily on the show, and they’ve agreed to share it on their social media platforms, as well as with the editors of the book.

Who knows, perhaps there’s an opportunity down the line to partner Adventure Hook and/or Blackspire in a future edition. That’s be very cool, and I certainly wouldn’t say no to some more freelance work.

However… the thing that most raised my eyebrows this week was the long overdue finishing of my Magick 202 video. Even though The Friend convinced me to do a sigil to overcome all the editing obstacles I’d hit trying to complete it, I was absolutely convinced that the only workable solution was actually purchasing the full version of the editing software, which I did not want to do. Still it was the logical solution, and so while last week I did still make the sigil towards it just suddenly “working” again I was convinced “upgrading” was the only fix.

Absolutely. Convinced.

But, I did the sigil anyway and left it on my altar for a few days. So, it’s fair to say I was more than pleasantly surprised when I decided to open up the program again, and with just a wee bit of fiddling… suddenly got it to work… and specifically export.

And so even though the entire video needed to be re-tweaked (again) start to finish (I still really dislike elements of the Lightworks program) there you have it, arguably my finest (and most practical) lecture on #magick thus far… Magick 202: The Formula of Ritual.

Already it has over 50 views, which is already half of what the last video I put out has accrued thus far. I’m sure the sequencing has something to do with that, but I’ve also been hearing about YouTube possibly suppressing channels about magick and the occult, and mine seems to be suffering the same as these others Frater Xavier mentions (and which I reported both to him, and to YouTube…).

That’s all I need, huh?

Though I’m hardly the only esoterically minded person to report some not un-serious distress in their lives (the additional personal stuff for me is staying that way) though I do think something larger is at work. And a call for more lightworkers is both imminent and necessary, and so I felt compelled to not only share the above info, but also reach out to the below podcast to make them aware of my work/videos but also to offer my services as a last minute guest (should ULW somehow find himself in a bind).

There’s another big mass meditation on the Equinox next week I plan to participate in (which coincides with the full moon, and should make for a dozy of a strong start to the zodiacal new year). Should be another important one. A beast is most dangerous when it’s backed into a corner.

Which is all for the best, let it be over and done with.

On a lighter note, Jenny and I did take some time this week to enjoy a nice dinner out at the local foodie oasis Hamilton Tavern… and while my wife (a mussels aficionado) was disappointed with her course (the shellfish needed to be steamed a few minutes longer), I ended up really enjoying my burger, and the gourmet chips and dip were downright epic…


Wednesday 3/14/19-

Sun: Pisces–

Moon: Gemini (50% Waxing)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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  1. 💜 Love the new video – MAGIC 202 – that you presented at TS. Yeah…this website type format is much easier for me to read 😎 Thank you RR for “making it so.” 💙

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