So this week did play host to a few landmark events, I’d say. While we still felt the rumblings of the so-called “month of rescheduling” I do feel like things are getting back on track, energetically speaking, and that we have some interesting developments to look forward to.

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So, to start with, another fun episode of Adventure Hook hit iTunes this week, and is one that has some appeal to many an old skool gamer like myself. Especially when we explore certain ideas around the legendary (and infamous) Deck of Many Things

Fun stuff! And the Halloween episode should be debuting on Patreon tomorrow, which is even a bit more exciting…

We still have to record Episode 37 (which I’ve already tentatively titled “The Enchanted Heirlooms” taken from the wording of Jenny’s original #newadventurehook) but hopefully we can get that knocked out soon. At this point Aaron and I had planned to have our Christmas episode already in the can (which at our current schedule would be Episode 39) so we’ve got a little catching up to do soon.

This week also marked the release of the first To Baator and Back episode on the Blackspire iTunes feed. We crested our 3333rd download this week, and it’s certainly in part due to this piece of actual-play we did with a now ENnie award winning podcast Red Moon Roleplaying. And perhaps the original release of these episodes on their stream is in part why they won in the first place… it’s nice to muse on the possibility anyway…

But, enough of the old… I got a lot of new stuff wrapped up this week too.

While, it’s still inappropriate to discuss any details, I met up this week with newest Blackspire player Jen and had a sit down with an acquaintance of hers to discuss the possibilities of us all possibility working out some sort of mutually beneficial business arrangement. While I do think the beginnings of a strong camaraderie were established, and while I do think there was some shared excitement at some of the brainstorming ideas that we all threw around, it’s still gotta stay on the QT for now.

Quite deliberately tangentially however, I will start to attend a monthly gaming session that this new friend is associated with called Flagons and Dragons which is held once a month at the Nepenthe bar in Hampden (and also where we all met for our drink). It’s on a Tuesday night, so unfortunately Jenny can’t come with us, but it sounds like each event averages at least 50 people, and that’s potentially a very nice field to potentially start more grassroots support for Blackspire, Adventure Hook, and beyond.

While I plan on attending as just a player, Jenny and Jen have suggested I come with an adventure in my back pocket and be able to run something more impromptu. I like the idea of playing it by ear, but of course they’re right that the most certain way to start winning over new interest is to have people hear me actually run a game.

I always forget I have some of these business cards in my wallet, but I’ll remember to bring a stack for the event at the end of this month (and hopefully many to follow).

I’m quite grateful to Jen for her various and enthusiastic assistance, and while that is the first time I hung out with her this week, turns out it would hardly be the last…

I’d gone through the previous intro sessions of the Season 2 material, and while the quality is totally not usable, the content was worth farming as much as I could from. So I took some halfway decent notes from those recordings, and re-listened to the more complicated parts a few times, before I felt even marginally prepared to rerun that session for my players again.

But that’s way we did, and Jen was even so kind as to offer up her house for myself, Jenny and Jim to record our “first” session in, and so we met this week to do just that. While I freely admit to stumbling over a number of parts, and missing out on a whole bunch more I definitely felt was important to explain, everyone else seemed quite pleased with the session over the previous… and we checked and re-checked… and the recorded track sounds great!

But perhaps not as great as it will sound soon, as Jenny’s already gone ahead and ordered us a new mic with a much much better capacity to pick up omni-directional sound.

We still have lots of ground to cover to make up all we lost, but we also added a few scenes that make some of the character interactions more nuanced perhaps. Of course I wish I could somehow merge all the content, but I’m taking it as a good thing we had a warm up game before the real podcast stuff began.

I’m really looking forward to all the gaming sessions (one-on-ones, mini parties, and big groups ones alike) left to run. There’s so much fun stuff we can do here, and we’ve barely gotten started.

But oddly enough, we saw Jen a third time this week (the very next day in fact)… this time unplanned, on the street as Jenny and I were wandering around the Fells Point Fun Fest on Saturday and debating if we wanted to stay and hear the Gin Blossoms, or just get gelato and head home (gelato won, BTW). This is “Smalltimore” after all, and so it’s not all the unusual to run into someone we know most places we go… but somehow the whole thing just felt somehow synchronicitous… though any why of it eludes me at present. I did also breifly meet Jen’s GM of her other group, so maybe out pathes need to cross… who can say.

Regardless, it’s always cool to run into friends unexpectedly.

And speaking of, The Friend paid us an unexpected visit this week, and as luck would have it, Jenny happen to be home at the time as she’d taken the day to deal with taking our cat General to the vet. True to form this month, that visit ended up needing to be rescheduled (not before Jenny’d made the whole trip though) but she got to visit with The Friend who we having seen in half a year or more, and had her own difficulties in that arena.

It’s in the air… but changing now. Lots of those things which looked like potential challenges before end up being beneficial. And I just have to keep on like that and all is right with the world.

Mostly anyway…

I also took the time this week to learn the rules of Eddic poetry, specifically Ljodahattr (the meter of song) and the antecedent of it I’m more interested in Galdralag (the meter of magic). Fundamentally they’re similar, but learning them was quite an eye-opening experience, for I feel there’s something quite familiar about its structure. Like I’ve always tried to make my own poetry (such as it is) follow these rules intrinsically, and I’m left to wonder if maybe this isn’t some kind of past life thing cropping up somehow…

In truth, the entire time I was researching for my Yule Lads story, pieces of the Viking experience started really coming together for me in ways that somehow felt familiar. Not unlike what Jenny and I felt when actually visiting Iceland a while back…

Anyway, I’m still in a holding pattern so to speak as far as my editor is concerned, and while I still see clues in the unnamed artist’s work that makes me wonder what’s actually been shared with her, I really feel that this whole thing isn’t really unfolding as quickly as I’d like (especially given my intense approach to write it in the first place). Is the Universe waiting for me to finish that poem because there’s something yet undiscovered about the piece… or am I just reading too much into things? Still I told myself every hour I spent not writing the thing was an hour she could spend drawing it, and now it’s been two weeks since I finished the script and it’s all extra time I would have gladly spent writing if I’d known it was time that wouldn’t have been spent illustrating it…

Oh well, it’s out of my hands at this point, but December is approaching awfully damn fast…

Anyway, that little bit of personal discord aside, the full moon marks another performance of the monthly Abundance ritual, which I’m only too happy to do. I have so much, but with more there so much more I can still do, and I’m excited at all those possibilities.

And still, as planned Jenny and I also spend a good portion of today at the Renaissance Festival, just the two of us this time. I completely forgot to take any pictures in Fells Point yesterday, but at least I remembered to take some at Renn Fest, at least at the birds of prey demonstration that we caught. They had a handful of both falcons and hawks (and explained the differences from a medieval mindset, which was fascinating).

This was our nerdy was of celebrating our 10th anniversary, but as promised I thought we’d look at more of the photos of that day, now a decade past…

The altar (the 4 elements represented) along with our hand-fasting cords and rings.
The wedding favors we had made for our guests. I designed the ambigram to highlight our names and the date of the ceremony
JENNY 2009
10 Oct ROB





Neat, huh? We both still have a bunch of the leftovers in our dice bags for when we need to roll a d6…

Which is often.

And here’s hoping even more often in the next 10 years to come as well!





Sunday 10/13/19-

Sun: Libra–

Moon: Aries (Full)

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