At the risk of sounding dramatic… something ill is in the air. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve noticed a downward trend of attitudes among a number of different people, and it feels like some kind of negativity bomb went of… so keep your head down and stay positive. That’s my plan anyway…

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Easier said than done I know… especially when things seem to move only at slow and steady paces these days, emphasis perhaps on slow… That may be evidence of a long slow burn with a bigger payout down the line, but for now that doesn’t stop the Universe from kicking a little ass along the way. Lots of our friends seem to have had extra-negative weeks, and it all hearkens of some ill omen whose shadow has yet to pass us. For now it’s best to stay focused on long term victories, and not let the various trials of the day waylay us… yet keep our guards up in the bargain.


Anyway, the second installment of To Baator & Back released this week, and at this point so have Episode 3… I do believe that each episode is (for all intents and purposes) more exciting than the last, and with this latest edition things start getting serious…

I take it as a good sign that Jenny didn’t actually want to wait for Ep 3 to come out, and requested to listen ahead instead. Even she’s got a ways to go before she’s heard it all, but with us now just shy of the halfway point, I’ve got to get things prepared on the Patreon side. She and I continue to discuss her new character for Season 2 off mic, and have begun looking at various noir sources for continued inspiration, but as of now we’ve not actually recorded anything yet.

Still, as today was the full moon I was sure to do our monthly Abundance ritual, and putting aside all else for the time gave the operation all the gusto I could. The moon was void of course most of the morning, but the hour of the moon (beginning at 2:22) was in the clear, so timed most of my day around that window…

I’m the first to admit the magick has not been my primary focus of late, though increasingly as a topic it’s finding itself more and more appearing in my podcasts (especially the past few). With my YouTube subscribers still slowly climbing I know I should probably do something new for them, but I feel very un-incentivized to do that before hitting the coveted 1000…

Though perhaps that’s the only way I could hope to hit 1000 in the first place… not that my latest video has crested 250 views yet…

Regardless, I’m waiting for now things to arrive, and so needed to make room for them, and so I did a few fairly mundane tasks this week as acts of de-cluttering. From scattered books, to cleaning gutters, to clearing out emails, I know it’s hardly the work of a feng shui master, but my intention to create space for good things to enter (and bad things to leave) feels farther along than it had.

Yet I still can’t help but feel off. I believe I’ve done all there was to do in creating my content, yet how exactly to get it under the noses of all the right people I continually feel at a loss towards. I’m woefully reminded of the Underpants Gnomes from South Park, as perhaps our plans for success share certain similarities…

Image result for underpants gnomes

I just wanted my work to speak for itself.

Still, this week I managed to put together what should end up being the first two new shows to release on the Blackspire Patreon page, the first is me, Jenny and Jim meta-talking about Season 2, and the second is the raw cut of the side session Jim and I did as the epilogue to Season 1.

I’ve also started my edits on that epilogue episode to create S1E26, but as it’s both a really interesting episode as well as being the last fully produced Blackspire episode I plan to produce for a while, I wanted to make it more of a caliber to the Baator shows. So… after a few false starts I’m mostly still back to basics, but with a much clearer picture of the final cuts now. I’ll likely try to get it wrapped up this week sometime, though I’m not sure yet when to actually release it.

This week I also finished up the edits on Adventure Hook episode 27, which was a good thing too as that’s now already live on Patreon. I guess my final promo art was good enough anyway…

Aaron and I also recorded Adventure Hook episode 28 this week as well, and was probably the most magick-heavy episode yet, as I really get into discussing the deeper elements of the Alphabet of Desire and other related ideas. I’m still trying to come up with an idea for the promo image for that episode, but at least that one is Aaron’s turn to edit.

However, for the next episode AH29, we finally (and by we I mean me) rolled a Natural 20 on the #newadventurehook chart, which means it’s GM’s choice. And so I chose what I’ve been planning to do for months and months now if I were to ever roll a 20… something that should be of service in a predictive programming kind of way.

Next episode will all be based around the ideas of Full Disclosure.


Monday 6/17/19-

Sun: Gemini–

Moon: Capricorn (Full)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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