Today was a great (Labor) day. Kevin Storm (my co-creator on Serial Artist) is touring the US with the new death metal band he’d recently joined (Heidevolk).

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I haven’t seen him since the New York ComicCon of 2012, so I took a bus to NY to see them play at the St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. Fr. Superabo came with me, and we made a day of it in the city.

He’d never really seen much of NY before, so we decided to go to the Met so he could see the Egyptian exhibit, which turned into a great source of inspiration for him. I’m glad he could come with me on this trip.


Frater Superabo with his alter-ego Ramses II


The show was great and a lot of fun, but seeing Kevin again, even for just a few hours, was really special to me (and I consider it one last gift from Venus in retrograde). He and I have a lot of history, and even more in common, and his own experiences with Steve Moore and Alan Moore meant I could discuss my new magickal pursuits with him without concern. He was interested, as I thought he might be.


Heidevolk at St. Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY

Though I didn’t plan on it, over a few beers in a local bar we decided we should work on a project together again, and began kicking some ideas around (and what system we were going to crib this time). Though I don’t know yet what it’ll actually end up being, we both seem to think that basing it on Nordic Runes is a place we can go together.

So, yeah, sometime in the future we’ll do another Randle/Storm collaboration, this time on the Füthark. The bus back to Baltimore gets in at 5:30 AM and I have work tomorrow, but it was totally worth it.

What an embarrassment of friends I have. I am quite blessed.


Monday 9/7/15

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Cancer

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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