With the Baltimore Pride Parade quickly approaching, I was reminded by a round of emails from William Blake folks that if we want T-shirts with the new icon I promised our Body Master I’d design, I’d best get a move on.

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So, this evening I went digging for my pad of bristol vellum and began mocking up the general proportions. I likely mentioned before, but as Blake often featured the Great Red Dragon from Revelations 12 in his work, I though I’d make a heraldic sort of image of that dragon (albeit a more traditional interpretation) for the Lodge’s icon.


Sketch of new logo for William Blake Lodge O.T.O.

Just in case your Roman numerals aren’t that great, MCMXCII is 1992, or the year WBL was first founded as a camp by Paul Hume. The drawing will need a lot more work before its anywhere near ready, but I got the proportions generally where I want them. so the hard part is over, and the challenging part is next.

For inspiration I was looking at the heraldry on this Venetian armor I found a while back on the Hermitage Museum’s website.


It says the creature is a “hydra” but I know the Beast when I see it…


So after sending the sketch over, turns out I have until the end of the week to finish the drawing. It’s important to me to get it right, so I really don’t want to rush it, but in the event I don’t get it finished in time, I also mocked up two quick examples of other one-color one-side designs we could do shirts of.

WBL_B&W_Tshirt1 copyWBL_B&W_Tshirt2

It’s too bad we can’t do my original idea for the rainbow unicursal hexagram design, as it seems appropriately correlated, but since we have to do one side and one color, I feel like I can do better than just a one color hexagram design.


Tuesday 6/28/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Aries-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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