So this week snuck up on me fast… I’ve basically just been focused (physically, mentally, and spiritually) on preparation for my upcoming lecture at the Theosophical Society in Maryland this coming weekend.

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Perhaps it’s good timing to create some new videos for my channel as my introductory video just crested 10,000 views this week.

Sure, the latest videos barely have 300 views, but even if that means only one person got something out of it (and I have “evidence” of at least that) then it’ll all be worth it. I have Sunday’s class (Review & Q&A) and then Magick 202: The Formula of Ritual in mid-December. I think I’m going to get both of them in the can before worrying about creating the new videos out of them, so it’ll be 2019 at least before I get to them.

I keep feeling more and more that there are other magicians out there who do this sort of thing (and do it better) without also making themselves a person to target, and would instead prefer to focus on the stuff only I can do (like the podcast stuff). But, in an effort of bringing it all together, it’s finally made me realize that perhaps that’s what Brother Enlil and I should be doing together, a third (perhaps only monthly) podcast together for Temple of the Western Gate on the topic of all things magick and esoteric… *gulp*

Brother Enlil seems to be in agree, so we’ll discuss that starting soon… for now I’m reviewing all sorts of material in preparation for Sunday’s lecture. I’m no stranger to technical hiccups, so didn’t think much of it, but it may be that my Magick 201 Spellwork failed to record its Part 3 and the subsequent ritual possibly because I’d revealed some secret or otherwise proprietary bit of information that was not actually mine to share…

It may even be possible I’d inadvertently run afoul of one of Frater Xavier‘s servitors protecting something or other… I’d not considered it until today but it makes sense in a weird way. No harm was meant, and so for the next lecture I’ll be much more aware of this when I present my updated talk.

I’ve gone through and highlighted the main topics I covered (or meant to cover) in Magick 201: Spellwork which I’ll try to review briefly for the ones already covered and merely tersely for the remainder (marked in red below) so I can get to Q&A which (in theory anyway) is where I’ll feel more comfortable. I can’t put my finger on anything in particular, but I feel like a number of ugly dragons have reared their heads up lately.

The fact that I’ve felt like I’d be willing to do almost anything to get out of having to give these lectures (without disappointing anyone, including myself) is probably a surefire reason I need to go through with it…


MEDITATION: The key to accessing the Unconscious Mind

DIVINATION: The magickal practice of gaining some form of non-local insight.

  • Astrology: The study of the planets, signs, and houses of the Zodiac, as well as their energies and influences.
  • I-Ching: Also known as the Book of Changes, this ancient Eastern system incorporates the configuration of 64 hexagrams.
  • Numerology/Gematria: The use of numbers to articulate the digital nature of our Universe.
  • Scrying: Also known as “remote viewing”, the use of mirrors, crystals, or even just meditation to obtain a state of clairvoyance (or even clairaudience).
  • Spirit Sessions & ITC: Related to medium work, this is the utilization of ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) to attempt communication with departed (and often lost) spirits, or other entities. Technology in this case can be as simple as a Ouija board, or as complex as running multiple software applications during session, such as the EchoVox or GhostRadar apps.
  • Tarot: The study of the symbols and meanings of the various cards of the Tarot, as well as comparing and contrasting different decks, such as the Rider Waite or Thoth Tarot. When I want to do an actual reading, I will often eschew an actual deck in favor of a Tarot app on my phone that I have used for years to great success.


THE DOUBLE: Any and all work with the spirit body, including Chakras, Etheric Fields, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Path-Working, etc.

  • Chakras & Energy Fields: Techniques to cleanse and empower one’s energetic body.
  • Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection: Adventures in the realms beyond the Material…
  • Lightwork: from Reiki to charging to assisting lost souls



TRANSMOGRIFICATION: The evolution of consciousness and development of one’s True Will… or specifically Kia (defined as the union of Will and Perception). Basically it’s the abandoning of behavioral patterns that no longer serve you.

  • Evocation & Invocation: Also sometimes called “channeling”, these are magickal operations in which the magician attempts to embody some form of entity, either from deep in their unconscious mind, or from some external source.
  • Holy Guardian Angel: Knowledge and conversation with one’s Higher Self.
  • Yoga: Physical, mental, and spiritual exercises. Way more than just fancy stretching…
    • Gnana-Yoga (Union by Knowledge): The Holy Qabbalah
    • Raja-Yoga (Union by Will): Sacred Magick
    • Bhakta-Yoga (Union by Love): Acts of Worship
    • Hatha-Yoga (Union by Courage): The Ordeals
    • Mantra-Yoga (Union through Speech): The Invocations
    • Karma-Yoga (Union through Work): Acts of Service
  • I.O.B. (Identify, Objectify, Banish): removing energetic blockages and attachments


SORCERY: The use of natural materials to effect a magickal change. Basically any time an object gets magickally charged is an act of Sorcery.

  • Amulets & Talismans: Creating and charging objects to either draw or banish forces in one’s life.
  • Eucharistic Operations: Magickally charging objects to be imbibed (such as food & drink) as the means of absorbing certain types of energy.
  • Candle Magick: Many objects can hold a magickal charge, but few are as useful (or as elementally symbolic) as a wax candle.
  • Sacred Objects & Magickal Accouterments: Creating, sanctifying, and utilizing magickal weapons (daggers, wands, etc.) as well as other energetically charged objects.
  • Temple Spaces: Creation, preparation, and use of sacred/magickal spaces.


ENCHANTMENT: The exerting of one’s Will to create desired effects, which is ultimately accomplished through achieving a trance state of Gnosis (the union of conscious and unconscious minds).

  • Group Work & Fraternity: Magickal operations utilizing more than one practitioner, as well as information related to magickal orders.
  • Hypnosis & Trance: The techniques of giving instructions directly to the unconscious mind as well as NLP = Neural Linguistic Programming. Trance is a common state of mind useful for both Hypnosis as well as many common magickal or meditation practices, such as opening the Third Eye.
  • Psychokinesis/Aetherics: Demonstrating feats of mind over matter, such as with Telekinesis (TK).
  • Sigils & Runes: Creating, charging, and/or destroying special symbols as a means to communicate specific instructions to the unconscious mind.
  • Spells & Rituals: From simple incantations to complex workings and all manner of operations in between.


Here are the resources I created for the original Magick 101 videos which are also good resources. I feel at all times somewhat digitally clumsy as far as what I provide and how, but hopefully anyone who seeks this information out finds it.

Zodiac Signs, their Elements & Mottos

Planets with Rulership/Exaltations

The Magickal Planetary Days & Hours

The Qabbalistic Tree of Life (including Da’Ath)


In addition to reviewing my own notes for the lecture, I felt compelled to reread the first book on magick I ever read “seriously”… Peter J. Carrol’s Liber Null & Psychonaut which I understood from an entirely different perspective this time around. I wonder if I’d taken to it all more if I’d not have sought out the IOT rather than the OTO when looking to meet other magicians.

Ah well, I generally believe I’ve learned what I absolutely needed to in either respect, with with a whole lot more left to digest… and something I’m definitely feeling the pull towards spirituality more seriously again (this talk at TS just finally forcing my hand). I do now feel like even though I’m quickly falling behind again, I’ve got a much keener grasp of what it takes to create both Blackspire and Adventure Hook, and have a renewed commitment to better balance where I put my energy.

Though I’ll be honest, I’m actually really excited to get back to editing the podcasts again… almost as excited as I’m anxious

Still, this week marked the release of Episode 13 of Adventure Hook on Patreon, which also featured our first guest creator Tim Seeley and with his help managed to create a pretty awesome episode.

I also finally managed to mock up a halfway decent promo image to promote the episode in time for the episode launch.

Adventure Hook – Episode 13: A Bad Wizard in a Scary Tower

Still, the show releases in iTunes the week of Halloween, so the majority of any new interest from Tim’s involvement will likely occur after then.

This week also marked the release of Episode 12 of Blackspire, which is also the first to utilize the new Cryo Chamber music.

Yog-Sothoth by the Cryo Chamber Collaboration

A Homecoming Paved in Ashes: Pt 1 (S01E12)

I also was sure to mention on social media of my brief shout out to the One Shot Podcast’s Invisible Sun campaign (created by Monte Cook Games.) They may claim to the contrary, but my games at least are #Magick!

Aaron and I also made sure to release the very special episode of Adventure Hook: Legend Lore where we brainstorm up the adventure ideas that became the backbone of the whole Homecoming Paved in Ashes storyline.

My best work thus far… except perhaps once I finally complete the episodes we did with the Red Moon Roleplaying guys… but all that has to wait until after my lecture…

However, it was nice to have some real world distractions this week as well. Jenny and I had dinner with old friends of ours we really didn’t see much of since their kids were born… but now that they’re older we’ll make it a point to hang out more.

Jenny and I also spent an afternoon with my sister, brother-in-law, and little nephew at Clark’s Elioak’s Farm, which is a nice halfway point between Baltimore and DC where they live.

He loves animals, but I think perhaps the pony ride his aunt and uncle took him on was the highlight of the day.

I’ve spent much of today getting my mind right so what I present will be of service to others. But as today is the full moon, I also had out monthly Abundance ritual to perform. I also found myself performing an impromptu operation to banish all DOUBT concerning myself, my abilities, or what I might or might not “deserve” and so that (along with my reorganized and pared down shelf altar) have altered my mindset enough that I feel up to the challenge to give this talk.

Shelf Altar

Recharged Earth Jar

I still have a few days to prepare myself, but I hereby commit myself to the work. I will give it my honest best and nothing less… though I feel that per usual I typically over-prepare these things and try to cram it all in, so this time somehow the less I say, the better… and I just have to overcome the fear of saying too little (read: not providing the audience enough content).



Wednesday 10/24/18-

Sun: Scorpio–

Moon: Aries (FULL)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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