This has been a week of milestones and surprises. A number of them are certainly going to be memorable experiences, and I count myself extremely lucky for the abundance of good things in my life.

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So my upcoming lecture at the Theosophical Society is now only two weeks away, and from here on out I’m really trying to adjust my focus and shift gears into a mindset where I can give it my all. The talk has been announced and attendees have been urged to get caught up on my previous talks:

There continues to be a growth in viewers, and while my first view is coming dangerously close to its 10,000th view, the last video in the series still only has slightly over 300 views. That’s a lot of drop off, but if that means 300 people actually sat through everything I have to say, in truth that’s very flattering.

Plus, I’ve learned so much about sound and video editing since making the first Magick 101 videos that I’m sure whatever I create going forward will be a definite improvement over what I’ve already released.

But to allow myself to even shift gears in the first place, I had to get as ahead on my other deadline-specific items as I could.

The biggest check-mark I was able to make this week was I finished up the edits on Blackspire Episode 13: A Homecoming Paved in Ashes (Pt 2). This is probably my finest GMing/Editting work to date. It’s basically one big hour-long nightmare scenario that becomes ten times worse once I lay in all the creepy ambient music (courtesy of Cryo Chamber) and perhaps-a-little-too-real sound effects. I told Jenny that I actually found that I’d disturbed myself with one scene in particular… which I took as evidence that’d I’d created actual horror. She seemed to agree (though she hasn’t actually heard the scene in question) so perhaps I’m making too big a deal out of it. Jenny also lent me her acting talents to voice the mocking laugh of a character that appears in one of the later scenes (Countess St. Lovebane) and it really helps to drive that one particular scene home.

We’ll see.

S1E12 will debut in the regular stream on the 22nd and so I also took the time to finish up the edits on the old Legend Lore episode Aaron and I recorded many months ago where we first brainstormed up some of the ideas that became major cruxes to the Homecoming Paved in Ashes adventure (episodes 12 and 13). We’d actually even recorded it before we even decided to name the spin-off shows “Legend Lore” (we were calling them “Campaign Talk”) so it’d been a while to hear that recording. All in all it was a pretty tight show with a few good ideas taking shape during our talk that became a major foundation of the actual adventure.

And also, because finishing Episode 13 really only gets me caught up on releases through mid-November I tried to get even a little more ahead and jumped into work on Episode 14 as well. I have cleaned up the file, laid in the intro and outro stuff (mostly anyway) and actually went through the whole track and marked all the beats and scene changes ahead of time. That way, when I go back in to do the final edits and select the music I’ll already know how long a track to start looking for.

I doubt it’ll be anything like the multi-layered effect I went for with 12 & 13, but I’m sure it’ll be serviceable. Really, I think anyone who (down the line) ends up binging through the episodes will appreciate something of a pallet cleanser after the events of the Charnal House…

Episode 12: Stop the Magical Slave Trade

And of course Episode 12 of Adventure Hook went live yesterday, and so here’s hoping the spike in listener-ship for both shows continues. I continue to try my best at being social media conscious and continually engage/promote my shows, but I always feel like I’m “doing it wrong” or that it takes a different type of human than I happen to be to be taken seriously as a self-promoter. I definitely need some more (5 star or otherwise) reviews on iTunes. Oh well, I want my work to speak for itself anyway… so it’ll just take more time, but I’ll keep at it.

I do still need to finish up the promo image for Adventure Hook: Episode 13 some point this week. Twice now I’ve tried to start it, and both times couldn’t find the right imagery to make it work. The Patreon early-release episode goes live next week as well so I need to get it wrapped up before then…

But, on a much more personal note this week also marked my wife Jenny and my 9th wedding anniversary (and together for 10). We celebrated that one simply, for Jenny it seems saved up all the surprises for my 40th birthday, which was also this week.

To start with she blindfolded me and drove me to the new indoor skydiving place that opened up in White Marsh recently. This was a complete surprise, and something I definitely wouldn’t have suggested on my own. While all told you’re only in their indoor vertical wind tunnel for a few minutes total, it is an absolutely exhilarating experience… especially the second time when the instructor took me on a little spin (literally and figuratively) up and down the tube.

I was laughing like a maniac the whole time. It. Feels. Like. Flying…

Were I 20 years younger, I could totally see myself getting into the entire bodyflight subculture, but I think for now I’m content to have just had that unique experience for me. Video of the event does exist, but I’ve decided to limit my embarrassment and leave the experience to your imagination. I tell you though, watching the instructors fly around in the tube solo is enough to get your imagination stirring.

It wasn’t until after I found myself remembering some advice our good friend Holly Golightly once gave me the day she called me out of the blue to let me know she felt moved to do a tarot card reading for me. She reminded me I must never forget my inner Peter Pan (the fearless boy adventurer) which admittedly with 40 approaching was something I definitely hadn’t been thinking about… so in a way perhaps a simulated flight was exactly the gift I needed.

But my birthday wasn’t over, and Jenny took me to dinner at a place I’ve often talked about, but never took her to: Tio Pepe’s a Spanish restaurant downtown. It’s been ten years or more since I’d been there, and while the decor and service are certainly not where they had been the last time I was there, nevertheless the food was still amazing. But to make the evening even more amazing… Jenny had secretly arranged with my mom, brother, sister, brother-in-law (and little nephew) to join us for dinner (driving in from both PA and DC).

It was a really nice, very memorable day surrounded by people who love me. The Facebook mentions were nice as well, but I prefer the face to face.

I really and truly feel blessed by all the wonderful things that are in my life, and perhaps for the first time I am finally starting to feel I have too much to lose. I always used to try and not get too attached to things… but the things I couldn’t bare to lose now are all not things…

And none of this is to say anything about the secret missives Brother Enlil and I have shared concerning the most esoteric of subjects (far to crazy to write about here) though we’ve both stated that we need to refocus our efforts on the Temple of the Western Gate pursuits. Once the lectures are in the can I can start giving that focus once more as well.

And the evening of my birthday I did a tarot reading of my own to get some sense of what the 41st year of my life was going to look like…


Let’s just say I can currently interpret this reading two ways… both are technically “good”… neither are particularly “easy”…

Nor do I feel like voicing them aloud just yet…


Tuesday 10/16/18-

Sun: Libra–

Moon: Capricorn (50 Waxing)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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