So this week held some good stuff, some new and some classic, and some that I hope are now new classics…

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The biggest new hurdle to be overcome was Aaron finally figuring out how to sync Patreon with YouTube Livestream, which after many false starts (4 we think) he managed to do successfully.

So now we’ve definitely re-tweaked our Patreon offerings to where our Legend Lore show is now us doing a monthly livesteam show, where we completely redux the Ravenloft settings (from Curse of Strahd all the way to Masque of the Red Death) and update everything for use for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

So we did a test yesterday and made a big announcement video about it (which we made public for any to view). Confident it’ll work, we made plans to record our first actual “Ravenloft Masterclass” today… which we’ll make the first one of free for all as well.

Aaron’s actually taking on the lion share of the content for much of the actual gaming material, but he’s asked me to lend my insights into using the Tarokka deck: the Ravenloft version of a Tarot deck (essentially an “Oracle Deck”) both from an occultist’s understanding, as well as a device for storytelling…

It’s something I took this exact use of during Blackspire’s Episode 13, as a matter of fact…

A Homecoming Paved in Ashes: Pt 2 (S01E13)

This time we did a really deep dive into the history of the setting and explored quite a bit about the so-called “fabric” of the Ravenloft setting, and had some fun discussing our plans for the entire series going forward.

Should be a fun watch. More next month!

Additionally earlier in the week we’d recorded our latest episode of Adventure Hook, which was pretty fun… if not more or less a scattershot of different ideas. Recent constructive feedback from a friend on that front has caused me to possibly rethink the show’s structure slightly going forward… but we’re having fun so hopefully the audience will enjoy them.

On the Blackspire end, I have most of the snippets from other players I need to finish the edits on the next episode (Season 1: Episode 20), but other than a big swath of intros and outros I need for the next three episodes, S1E20 is about 99% complete.

Edits were “easy” this time as I just dropped in the one long track that comprised the Best of 2018 album… and short of a few tweaks here and there, again I ended up with a solid show, and more than a few eerie musical synchronicities… but I guess you’ll just have to listen and judge for yourself — it’ll be out on March 18th (or March 11th on Patreon)…

I’ve also been making plans to record some Blackspire Side Sessions, both for the main feed as well as for Patreon in the coming weeks. Jim and I even plan to do a one-on-one session so we can really start to dig into his character.

He’s also started to play in another friend of his’s game, and has commissioned a few Blackspire Studios painted minis from me. He wanted to be able to have both a mounted figures, as well as an unmounted along with his “dire-corgi” steed (which he wanted to look brindled). He’d gotten both figures custom printed from Hero Forge, but even their highly customize-able templates can’t do everything (and I ended up cutting out a length of each of that wolf’s legs to make it more “corgi-like”).

We had some fun discussing his halfling knight character, and the various approaches to heraldry he could take. I even tried to tech him a few painting techniques, but in the end he left it to me.

There’s still lots of work to do with them all, but it’s actually been a while for me to paint anything new, so it was a good exercise and one I’ll happily repeat (for the right price… haha!).

I also took some time and dove into the first few chapters of Napoleon Hill’s famous treatise for myself, which I found fascinating. While I do feel there’s wisdom to be gained by absorbing the entire book, I do feel fairly confident I could already articulate “The Secret” he alludes to so heavily throughout in my own words… though whether I wield that same knowledge with Mr. Hill’s efficiency is likely arguable at best…


Tuesday 2/26/19-

Sun: Pisces–

Moon: Sagittarius (50% Waning)

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For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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