At the risk of actually going into it, let’s just say that recently this pandemic has been hitting a little too close to home… it’s good to have a nice circle of friends to support one another, even if we only see each other on Zoom now.

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But potential health scares aside, and besides even more new work responsibilities coming my way this month, I’ve still made sure to put some time aside and do some more research for the game project I’ve been putting off for far too long: Monomyth: A Magickal Meditation Game on the Hero’s Journey.

First Monomyth prototype

But, before I start down any more tangents, I felt it was only prudent to reread (in my now much older/wiser mindset) the must-read classic treatise on the Monomyth: Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces. Which now that I have such fresh eyes to see it, naturally makes waaaaay more sense to me now than it did when I first picked it up… and which has also helped me rethink/clarify certain subtle aspects of my initial designs of the game’s structure (which naturally still need work).

I’m most of the way through (well through the actual Hero’s Journey part) but there’s still a lot to unpack, as well as more astrological and tarot research to follow before I think I’ll have the system “cracked”, but I have some skeletons of game-play thought out as well, and I probably just need to force myself to actually try to write the thing for it to all actually start to come together.

There’s so, so definitely something here though, and for once I don’t plan to have to rely on anyone else to finish the actual content of the product. Sink or swim it’ll be on me… I’ll get it there.

I’ve also enjoyed seeing my YouTube subscriber numbers continue to grow at a steady pace, and I’m now dangerously close to 1500, which is another landmark.

Naturally, there’s been an increase of (a myriad tone of) comments on the videos, as well as a few people reaching out about future classes I might be giving, or otherwise hoping for a little more from me. And it occurred to me while meditating the other day that there might be a way to transmute that into something useful for everyone… a Magick: Guidance Counselling series or something… haha!

But before any of that, I’ve gotten Aaron’s OK, and so my plan is to hand pick a number of excerpts from past episodes of Adventure Hook that specifically were about magickal concepts… or at least “Art & Magick, Comics & Gaming… and How They All Tie Together”…

There were a number of episodes where we discussed the Holy Hexagram and the Alphabet of Desire, as well as one where I discuss the nature of religion, plus probably a few others that might translate nicely into some interesting videos for my subscribers. Hell, I’d love to make a video out of the entire Episode 15, where we discussed the Sacred Feminine meets Arthurian Legend using magickal concepts like Scarcity/Abundance and Severity/Mercy to explore it thematically… plus we open the episode with our advice for first-time GMs, so it really would be a triple whammy, but with a run time of almost two hours, it’d be an insane amount of work to pull off…

Regardless though, any related video should hopefully get others interested in the show… especially the archived episodes on Patreon, which a good number of these excerpts will be pulled from.

Adventure Hook

But, despite needing to reschedule a handful of times, Aaron and I have also managed to record the latest episode of Adventure Hook this week, which will end up being Episode 42: Planar Boundary Intrusions. Release on that episode had to be delayed to later in the month, but as we’re only doing one show a month now I’m less bothered by a schedule hiccup (especially given the state of the world and all that). There’s plenty left to do for that, but I don’t even have it all yet to even start…

We teased the idea of involving our Patreon supports in the show even more (perhaps even in an actual-play capacity) and we’ll see if that generates any strong response. The Age of the Plague makes the idea of people at home in front of their computers throughout the day more likely… who knows what might come of this?

This past episode Aaron talked a bit about gaming online, and (as I am now completely and totally out of new content) I plan to record a one shot with Jim this week (completely through Zoom) and we’ll see how that goes. In keeping with my new approach of opening each session with some flavor text to bridge the gap between episodes (as well as set the first scene) I’ve hammered out a few paragraphs that hopefully will start things off on the right foot.

Of course, this all may be misplaced and what I should really be working on (echoed by Jenny just this week) is my Reliquum game. I always feel that way, but I feel like Monomyth is a stepping stone of credentials for it, and the gaming podcasts the format for using actual-play to promote it down the line…

If the world ends first I guess we’ll never know…

I don’t know about that, but this month seems primed for a major paradigm shift for the future of our society in so many ways… I’m starting to doubt things will ever really be the same again.

Let’s focus on that outcome actually being a good thing… it was the focus of my Abundance ritual I performed for this month’s full moon at any rate…


Wednesday 5/7/2020-

Sun: Taurus

Moon: Scorpio (Full)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

read Reliquum Publishing title(s) by Robert Randle
Adventure Hook

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