It’s felt good to just spend the past few days “chained” to my studio chair and cut loose on a number of miniature projects… with some decent results if I do say so myself…

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So… I kept thinking about last week’s episode of Laughfinder where the guys were talking about needing updated miniatures for their new Third Season Starfinder characters, and I was touched when WYPR “rock god” Arron Henkin (without missing a beat) said “where’s our friend from Blackspire Studios?”.

And since I’m both a regular listener (which just crested 50,000 weekly listeners, which is a huge jump from when I was a guest) and a friend of the show, I took it upon myself to put together some figures for the weekly special guest to use, as well as for Aaron and Bryan Preston‘s characters.

Nax, the four armed shape shifter, the vesk warrior Sobek Funmurder, and pleasure droid Proteus BVR-PLZR

I’ve taken some better pics of these miniatures, but I’m going to save them until the figures are revealed on the show (probably at least another month or so) and then post those pics on the Blackspire Studios Facebook page.

Tommy Simbazo (naturally) already acquired and painted his own goblin Cog & Tick the droid figures, and I’d presumed my buddy Jim Meyer was using his own Porky Pig figurine (who clearly inspired his space shaman Wendell) but he kinda wanted his own custom piece too, so luckily while Jenny and I were at Shenanigans toy shopping for our nephew’s first Xmas, I came across a little piggy toy which once I gave it the “Duck Dogers” treatment should serve the purpose nicely I think…

Wendell the Space-Pig

But I’ve also let myself work on pieces I plan to use for the Blackspire Podcast as well. I’ve been tooling away at some building pieces still unfinished from my various Dwarven Forge sets, but I also took some time and knocked out a Blackspirian version of Warhammer’s Deathknell Watch tower which was a donation to the cause by one of my players, and I plan to use it at a focus point in our next session.


The tower of Iohn Ricter Pickett, its master Ajnakara the Flameflayer, along with interlopers Narl Darkfury and Ahoo Goodfinder

Jim’s character in the Blackspire  RPG (as well as the rest of the party) are gunning for a fight, and I have a potentially complex andd very tense situation for them to find themselves in. I fight is inevitable… what form the fight takes will be up to them.

But I did want an extra special antagonist for this scenario, someone who could have a singular appearance, or go on to be a long term villain may be up to the dice themselves. Really I just kinda wanted to paint a fearsome monster to sic on my players, and this guy might end up being one of my better pieces to date.

I have to be sure to unveil him when the time is right…

Ajnakara the Flameflayer (fire oni)… but don’t dare call him “Tri-clops”…


I really need to start rethinking the design of this site to make it more “Blackspire friendly” for any potential fans who find their way here, so may be taking a stab at some new interface stuff soon. I also have the material to edit together one more episode of the podcast (bringing the total to five so far) as well as probably another three to five episodes worth of side session material, but as we don’t even play again until the new year, I’ve got plenty of time to get those done…

And I was pleased to see Frater Xavier has recently released his newest instructional course Protection & Defense which I was sure to get. My focus on Blackspire means I’ve scaled back much of my more “overtly magickal” pursuits of late, but it’s never far from my mind… and this lesson looks to have a ton of new insights and other brilliant stuff that puts my own lectures to shame…

However that said… since it’s the full moon today, I was sure to perform my monthly Abundance Renewal ritual and recharge my Earth Jar, which continues to contribute to all the synchronicity swirling about my work of late. I will always aspire to achieve more, but I want for nothing these days, and am truly blessed.

Additionally it’s a perigee super moon tonight (biggest full moon of 2017), so I’ll be sure to put out my chakra stones and give them their monthly soak in the moonlight.

I also took it upon myself to tackle some other unpleasant tasks I’d been putting off… things I’ve avoided, but needed to be done. All for the best…

All is right with the world.


Sunday 12/3/17-

Sun: Sagittarius–

Moon: Gemini (FULL)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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