What is it that we really do when we do magick? What makes a thing sacred? Why do some spell-casters have a dagger, wand, cup, and pentacle on their altars? What’s the difference between the magickal operations of Divination, Enchantment, Sorcery, The Double, and Transmogrification? All this and more will be answered… and not just concerning which types of magickal operations are likely to have the most success for you… but some of the theories behind why they work!

This is a follow-up to the two-part presentation by Robert Randle at the Theosophical Society in Maryland Lodge: Magick 101- Introduction to the Fundamentals and Magick 102- Continuing the Fundamentals.


In the field of magick, it is often worthwhile to regularly go back and review the fundamentals. Join Robert Randle for a brief review of his previous lecture and then engages with members of the Theosophical Society in Maryland in a lively Q&A back and forth. Topics covered include Schools of Magick, The 7 Hermetic Principles, Creating Sigils, Shadow Self Integration, I.O.B., and much more!