Here is a spell of sorts I’ve written, that is really more of a magickal contract you create with yourself (and the Universe). The basic idea is that you take out a “Life Insurance Policy” on something you have in your life that you enjoy, but that no longer serves you (like cigarettes for example).

You then generously calculate how much money you’ve ever spent or would ever spend in the future on this thing (plus the added value of your enjoyment) and come up with its total value in dollars. Then if the thing is ever removed from your life (like say for example, you suddenly quit smoking) that energetic shock should be enough to activate this spell and in theory the Universe will begin to pay out this policy to you by the means available to it (though I definitely suggest completing and signing the final version of the contract well in advance).

Below is the raw text you can use/adapt for your own purposes and sign. I’m never one to advocate blood magick (I don’t like things that can’t be undone) but signing in blood would definitely be one way to ensure you were serious about the spell.


Energetic Equivalency Insurance Policy


This contract represents an agreement between the magician ____________________________ heretofore known as the Insurer and his/her appreciation for the value of _______________________________________  heretofore known as the Insured. May all creatures, entities, and spirits who would oversee and fulfill the Terms of this contract ensure that they do harm to none in the doing so.

Should for any reason the Insurer has found the Insured to no longer be a part of his/her life, the Insurer shall be compensated the equivalent energetic value of $__________________ within a time period not to exceed (___ days ___ weeks ___ months ___ years) as deemed necessary by this contract’s fulfillment agents and their superiors.



Should the Insured’s disappearance be of a sudden and/or shocking nature to the Insurer, compensation may be equivalently increased to an amount not to exceed _____% of the original energetic compensation above.



If after the date the above policy is paid out, in part or in full, should the Insurer be reminded of his/her loss in a way that causes pain and suffering, an additional energetic compensation will be made in increments of $________ as appropriate to the specific occurrence and within a time period not to exceed (___ days ___ weeks ___ months).



Should the Insurer at any point find the Insured returned to be a part of his/her life before fulfillment of the policy’s remuneration, this contract shall be considered Null and Void. If however, this factor is violated after the aforementioned compensation has begun, then may all appropriate karmic consequences be upon the Insurer.


So mote it be.