The Qabbalistic Ankh

Begin facing east with your hands clasped in prayer over your heart and begin the recitation of the Greater Lord’s Prayer.

Holy, holy, holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe, (as you say this raise your clasped hands overhead)

 Who works in silence, and naught but silence can express. (bring your hands down to your heart and for one brief moment attempt to annihilate all thought)

Holy art Thou, whom Nature hath not formed. (point your clasped hands at your feet)

Holy art Thou, the omniscient and omnipresent, invincible and infinite one… Lord of the Light and of the Darkness! (as you say this stretch your arms outwards in the shape of a cross)

In gratitude we pray… (now fold your hands in prayer over your heart once again)

Our Father, who art in Kether,

Hallowed by thy names.

Our kingdom come, our will be done.

As above so below, as within so without.

Give us this day our share of Abundance,

And forgive us our karmic debt.

As we forgive those indebted to us.

Lead us on the path of our True Will,

Deliver us from evil, and from good.

Still facing east, make the Sign of Silence and then taking three deep breaths sweep your right hand backwards in parallel to where you will establish your magick circle and cry ΑΠΟ, ΠΑΝΤΟΣ ΚΑΚΟΔΑΙΜΟΝΟΣ (APOP PANTOS KAKADAIMONOIS)! Then bring your foot down in a heavy stomp while exhaling forcefully and willing all unwanted energies from your sacred circle in one great rush (I clench my fists as I do this and push my forearms outward physically as I sometimes feel actual energetic resistance and this motion helps break through that). Once your space is clear, make the Sign of Silence and take a satisfied moment to reflect. After recognition of the Most High, this is a sufficient banishment by fiat, as you are casting out any energy incongruent with the goals of your Higher Self. I’d advise any magician who feels this is an insufficient method to cast out negativity, to examine if their own fears of inadequacy might not be at the root of their skepticism.

Now imagine the light of Kether descending to encircle your head in a halo of white light. Then touch your crown chakra and draw down that light with your finger to your 3rd eye chakra while intoning the word ΣΟΙ (SOI). While still intoning the word, draw a red invoking pentacle of earth overtop your forehead and visualize awaking an indigo-violet serpent of light that uncoils from your pineal gland and emerges from your forehead to align with the pathway of your True Will (a.k.a. opening your 3rd eye). How you draw this red pentacle will depend on whether you are an introvert or an extravert, so draw it in the direction that feels invoking to you.

Touch your genitals and say Ο ΦΑΛΛΗ (O PHALAE) while visualizing the light continuing further down through your spine to connect to your terra chakra between your ankles.

Touch your fingers to your heart and intone the name of your Holy Guardian Angel (or your magickal name). While still vibrating the name, draw a loop of light from your heart, up over your head and back down to your heart (like the handle of the crux ansata). Imagine this has created a loop of energy that keeps a cycling current of your kundalini shakti raised from all escaping out of the top of your head (or between your feet).

Intone the word ΙΣΞΥΡΟΣ (ESKEROS) and as you do so, with your right hand touch your right shoulder, then point to the south, first with your fingers, then with your palms and project your energy outward in a white line to connect with the “dormant” pentacle (and hexagram) waiting there to be (further) charged by your Pentagram ritual.

Then intone the word ΕΥΞΑΡΙΣΤΟΣ (EUKARISTOS) and as you do so, with your left hand touch your heart, then left shoulder, then point to the north, first with your fingers, then with your palms and project your energy outward to connect with the pentacle there as well.

You should now visualize a brilliant ankh of light blazing within yourself, which connects you from Kether above to Malkuth below, from the polar opposite edges of infinity, and also to oneself. With your arms still outstretched and still projecting energy, turn 90 degrees clockwise along the path of your magick circle so your palms now face the pentacles to the east and west. Then say ΑΓΙΟΣ (HAGIOS) and with an exhalation project another line of energy in both directions to connect with the pentacles there as well. Turn clockwise 90 degrees again and repeat this operation twice more until, having thrice intoned ΑΓΙΟΣ, you are back facing east. This establishes the circle & cross of earth beneath your feet, which becomes the symbol of your entire material universe.

Now facing east, draw in a deep breath, turn your palms inward, and sharply clap your hands together to complete the circle of energy, and in the same motion sweep your hands up over your head and into the column of light that you are standing within. With a long drawn-out intonation say ΙΑΩ (EE AH OH) and as you speak each syllable bring your folded hands down to your 3rd eye, throat, and heart chakras respectively. As you do so, you should visualize the cross of earth beneath you shrinking down (or perhaps you are growing) to where the entire universe is as small as (and aligned with) the terra chakra between your feet, leaving you separate, above, and removed from the Material (having called down the Astral world to overlap this one). From the start, you may even wish to place your actual earth pentacle on the floor between your feet for this ritual to further reinforce this correlation.

Once again make the Sign of Silence and take a moment and consider the light of Kether, shining down on you from above but still infinitely beyond your reach. Then say meaningfully “I am alone, there is no god where I am”.

The magician should immediately follow with the performance of one’s Pentagram ritual.