Are you seeking a little more insight into why you’re wired the way that you are? Astrology can reveal areas of energetic focus, which can often manifest as either strengths or weaknesses. For a mere $5, I’ll run your natal chart (or any other day you have an interest about), and give you a brief write up of what’s in the chart, as well anything peculiar or interesting I notice, and will also include a list of what god-forms you most likely resemble.

Format: In matters of the (House), like (Godform), I (Planetary word) what I (Zodiacal word).

Example: In matters of The Self, like Anubis, I Control what I Think.



Date to be researched: MM/DD/YY

What is the significance of this date? (birth date, wedding, etc).




Do you have some burning question and seek an answer from “beyond”? For just $5 I’ll meditate on your question and do a quick 7-card spread and give you my interpretation of how the cards answer your question. Couple it with a Poor Man’s Astrology reading for the deepest insight $10 can buy.


Link to your favorite picture of yourself

Your Question (the more specific the better, but avoid dealing in absolutes)

Note: multiple questions will require multiple readings.


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