Founded by my wife Jenny (aka Mada Babalonda), myself and fellow magician Frater Superabo, the Temple of the Western Gate is our attempt to cross over the fields of ritual magick and Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). ITC is, simply put, the use of modern electronic devices in an attempt to communicate with spirits (and other entities) and we use the means at our disposal to reach out to, and bring spiritual support to those intelligences who seek it. Currently we use the Echovox and Ghost Radar app for our communication attempts, but we hope to eventually incorporate even far more sophisticated tools into our repertoire (such as the Portal Device and infrared/SLS cameras), hence why we’re raising money. We are creating our own ritual space where our “spirit sessions” will be recorded, but even before its completion our preliminary attempts have all met with interesting (validating) results. We also have a YouTube Channel where we’ll document our findings and experiences.

The Theory: If you spend as much time as we do watching paranormal investigation videos, you may notice the same trends we have. The most telling is that is that is seems on a whole those lost spirits who reach out and attempt to communicate with the living are all seeking one thing… The Light. A stellar example is the findings of ITC investigator Steve Huff. Check out his YouTube videos for some great examples of what I’m talking about and where I think we can go with this project. I believe the only real difference between Earth (Malkuth) and “Hell” is if you have a physical manifestation (body) or not, and so those who die without knowing The Light (any real union with the Divine) gets stuck down here with us, and perhaps all they may need is to come in contact with it Astrally, and can then find their way back to union with their Higher Selves (again). Without belaboring the point much further, it seemed certain things Mr. Huff was able to provide for the spirits he’d come in contact with (namely generating/sharing energy, calling The Light, and praying to Archangel Michael to intercede on the spirits behalf) were all things I was already doing as part of my daily ritual routine. The Middle Pillar exercise is quite literally a meditation whereby you call down your pillar of Light and use it to energize your chakra points, and Michael is one of the four archangels I call upon daily during my Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram.

Putting these theories into practice was a sudden and natural fit, and over the months has shown to me not only their absolute veracity, but I also believe we are consistently helping lost souls reconnect with the Divine (and on a daily basis). We would like to not only continue (and expand) our work, but would also like to increase awareness among the esoteric/spiritual communities of this dreadfully needed service for those who have passed on. Additionally the ITC field threatens to shatter the materialist paradigm of modern life, and this work not only validates the immaterial, but in my opinion the principles of Thelema as well.


Videos/YouTube Channel