This is a little ongoing side-project I’m working on with Frater Superabo. An Oracle deck is basically any non-traditional Tarot deck (not 72 cards and/or traditional attributions), and is designed to be used in conjunction with, or even in place of, a traditional Tarot deck. Now a Thelemic Tarot deck exists in the form of Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, but to our knowledge, no one’s tried to expand on it with an Oracle deck. So when Fr. Superabo proposed working together on it, I said fine but I couldn’t really comfortably start until I have a framework to base the cards on. So I think about it and all at once I get this idea to have our deck mirror the concept of the 22 cards of this Major Arcana, but to reflect those concepts Thelemically on both a macrocosmic and microcosmic level. So for example, card 21 which is the Universe card… macrocosmically we’d use the Egyptian deity Nuit, and microcosmically the opposite card would be the deity Hadit. If I lost you there, just trust other Thelemites I’ve explained it to have kinda slapped their foreheads and gone “wow”… so I think this deck has a lot potential, both inside and outside the magickal community. We are still figuring out what all needs to go on the cards, and then I have to paint all 41 of them (We’re making the Fool 0 = True Will, which will have only one card for both macro and microcosm), so stay tuned as I add periodic updates on this creative process.