The pallet knife has quickly replaced the brush as my preferred deliver tool for this mold solution. It gets very lumpy throughout, and the knife additionally is better for digging down to the “creamier” stuff below the surface. As you can see, yesterday’s stuff dried quite evenly, so I’m doing the same for the Fire Wand piece today.

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The William Blake Lodge officers have asked about the possibility of doing an event to attract more artistic types who might be interested in our order, and we could host opportunities for figure drawing and photography in our ritual space. A recent occult life drawing class in London that garnered a lot of press last fall was cited as an example as well, and while I can see what these guys were going for, I think we can still capture the so-called mystique of this sort of event, without being quite so schlocky (in my opinion) and sent over some of my ideas.

We already have a beautiful altar/temple set up, and way more room in there than these guys had. To make it more than just a standard life-drawing class, I suggested the model(s) could be involved in some kind of invocation operation prior to holding their poses, or we could even do a life-drawing Gnostic Mass, where we pause before the congregation takes the cakes of light and everyone draws the Goddess (and the priest) for like say half an hour… followed after Mass by in theory other models in an actual “magickal life-drawing class” or something like that.

The other thing we can offer (that it doesn’t look like they did) is actual instruction, either during the actual drawing session, and/or afterward in a group critique setting. I can lead this part, though I imagine others could as well. That would also a good time to talk about the entire Mass experience with any new people. In theory we could reach out to MICA, Goucher, and other neighboring schools about our unique life-drawing opportunity and net some interesting new folks.


Monday 4/25/16-

Sun: Taurus-

Moon: Sagittarius-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page


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