So, last night’s group ritual get together was very interesting. Aside from just enjoying the company of other magicians, we were able to generate some very interesting energy doing group work.

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We began with revised LRP with four of us each taking one of the cardinal directions and calling the Elements. I’ve had Earth on the brain a lot lately, so it was apropos I ended up in the North vibrating the word TERRA. After that, we began a group chaos/sigil magick operation, which began with us all meditating and intoning “THE ALL” over and over at different speeds and pitches.

After that we each prepared our sigils and as a group each participant started repeating their own personal manta. As this progressed, one by one we each burned our sigils, and finished with taking a drink of the liquid we had all blessed with our intention.

After that, we tried out some of my updates to the game play of the Tarot “Hero’s Journey” game Wimsaur and I had discussed a few weeks ago. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the new format to the game, which was basically taken from the steps of the Hero’s Journey Joseph Campbell identified, and giving them zodiacal attributions. Random draws from the Thoth deck revealed some very interesting results to the story that took shape from them.

It needs a little more structure before I can turn it into anything more than just a “parlor game” but it’s got real potential.


Sunday 10/4/15

Sun: Libra

Moon: Cancer

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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